Washing DayMature

Sebastian counted his stacks of clothing that needed to be washed and nodded in satisfaction. Cole came to stand beside him and frowned.
"What's up with the piles?" He asked Sebastian. Sebastian rolled his eyes and grabbed the protective covers for them.

"They're so I don't get them all mixed up and have to buy new clothes because they got ruined." He said as he started neatly placing his clothes into the bags. He grabs the vaccum fom the closet and goes to turn it on.

Cole shook his head and placed it back in the closet.
"No Bas. You need to stop doing this! It's a waste of time!" Cole told him.
He frowned at Cole.
"A waste of time? Cole it's my life! For me this compares to you showering or eating. It's a nessicity!" He shouted at him. Cole scoffed and sat on the sofa.

"It makes you look like a freak." He said.
Sebastian flinched and stared at him.
"You did not just say that." He whispered. Cole shrugged and just watched him.

Feeling his face go hot Sebastian packs his washing into his basket and carries it out to his car, he load them into the trunk and slams it shut.
He gets in the car and speeds off as tears slithered down his face.
"I'm not a freak." He whispered to himself.

He pulled up beside the laundromat and got out to get his washing.
He walked along carefully because he couldn't see with the huge basket covering his face. He had only managed to take a few steps before he slammed into someone. The basket fell from his hands and landed upside-down on the pavement.

Sebastian cried out and knelt down to pick up his bags of clothes.
"See what you did?" he shouted as he tried to grip the bags but they kept slipping from his grip.
The figure knelt down to help him but Sebastian cried out again.
"No! Don't touch them!" He screamed.
He managed to get them back into the basket. He picked it up and ran back to his car as he cradled the basket in his arms.
"I'm not a freak." Sebastian whispered to himself.

The End

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