A Beautiful ManMature

"What happened in there Bas?" Cole asked Sebastian.
He took a deep breath and slowly sat up but stayed a little hunched over.
He shrugged and scrubbed his hands over his face.
"I don't like things when they're messy Cole, you know that." He said softly.

Cole knew alot about how Sebastian despised messy things. In fact that's why they were no longer together, Sebastian knew how much Cole loves him but he didn't love him enough to accept his faults. Feeling the sharp pain coming back into his chest Sebastian pushed away the thoughts and closed his eyes.

"Yes I do know, but we've been in that bar every week now. You never go in that bathroom because you know how messy it is." Cole said to him.
Sebastian sighed and shrugged.
"I don't know. I guess I forgot." He comented.
Cole scoffed from next to him.
"Bas I know you, you don't just forget things like that! What's going on?" Cole asked.
He cleared his throat and shrugged again.
"Nothing." He said softly.
Cole went to speak again but he looked out the car window and glared at something.
He reached down and twisted the keys in the ignition.
"Some people." Cole muttered under his breath.

                                                                     *    *    *
She watched from the corner of the shop as the gorgeous blonde male purchased his cd's and walked out the store whilst pulling a smoke from his jacket pocket. She couldn't help but notice that he carried the scent of vanilla.
She cought a glimpse of leather gloves on his strong hands and shivered.
Striding over to the Rock section her hand hovered over the stacks of cd's that he had flipped through. She noticed what ones were missing and grabbed the same and went up the counter to pay for them.

She scuttled out of the shop and walked down to the suprette and browsed through their various packs of smokes. She looked up at the store clerk.
"How many do you have that are vanilla?"she asked him. he reached under the counter and produced a pack.
"Is that the only kind?" He nodded.
"I'll take it." She said with a grin.
"Five Pounds." He said in a bored voice as he punched buttons on the cash register.
She paid for them and walked outside. She opened the pack and inhaled deeply.
Wearing a big grin she walked home to search for her camera.

The End

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