Curiosity Caught DeathMature

Thane took a long, satisfying drag from the vanilla flavoured cigarette as he walked down the street, passing people who barely acknowledged that he existed among them. A long time ago Thane would have cared, he would have smiled at people who passed him or struck up a conversation with someone at a shop, but not anymore, because in one way or another he was going to see them again in less than welcoming circumstances.

Shoving his cigarette free hand in the pocket of his coat Thane took out a pair of leather gloves and quickly put them on. Just remembering how easy it was for humans to die at the slightest touch of his skin made his heart jerk in a panic. Gloves protected humans from unexpected death.

Dropping his near finished cigarette on the sidewalk Thane grinded his heel against it, hearing the satisfying crunch of stone against his leather shoes brought a brief smile to his lips before he looked up again and caught sight of two people in a car.

Thane looked with strange curiosity as the two men sat in the car talking to each other, although, the man in the driver’s seat was obviously doing more of the talking than the other. The man in the driver’s seat was rather handsome; dark blonde hair that was cut short, dark chocolate eyes and a face that reminded Thane of a twenty year old Clint Eastwood. The other man in the car looked as though he was going to be sick, his head was bent low so Thane could only see two of the man’s features; long dark brown hair that looked as if the man just came out of a photo-shoot and  arctic blue eyes that averted from looking at the other man.

Thane couldn’t help but stare at the both of them, it looked like they were arguing but Thane could never be sure about those types of things, taking out another cigarette Thane watched the two men interact. Until of course, by Thane’s own luck, the man in the driver’s seat caught sight of Thane and glared at him.

Thane almost choked on the smoke in surprise, waving away the plume of white smoke that covered him before hurriedly walking away from the man's stare, past his favourite pub; The Slug and Hare, and into his favourite music store, 78 Records.

“What did I tell you about smoking in my bloody shop, Thane?” A man with a red, shaggy beard shouted behind the counter as Thane pressed his back against the door, calmed his nerves down before walking inside the shop and butting out the half-finished cigarette on the ash tray at the front of the counter.

“Sorry Pat.” Thane mumbled in reply.

Silently, Thane weaved through the store before he reached the ‘Rock’ genre and started to sift through the artists that were labelled in multi-coloured paper. Over the years Thane was starting to have an impressive collection of CD’s, which he used whenever Shakespeare wanted to tell him the pitfalls and triumphs of being a world famous playwright. No one knew how incredibly egotistical Shakespeare actually was, the man could’ve have written five autobiographies if he still had a body.

Thane held up a Smashing Pumpkins CD in his hand - he had seen this album a couple of times and had only listened to one song – and gave it Pat, who took it, gave an approving nod and shoved the CD in the stereo.

Music soon filled the store; the song that was playing was the only one that Thane had heard from the band; Tonight, Tonight. For some reason Thane always felt happier when he listened to this song, he smiled as he sifted through the CD’s in the ‘Folk Rock’ genre and grabbing a couple by a band that he never listened before and a couple of ones from Bob Dylan. 

The End

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