Sebastian watched as his bestfriend and ex-boyfriend Cole Jacobs laughed and flirted with one of the bar patrons. A small pang of jelousy stabbed through Sebastians chest. It's only been two weeks since he and Cole had broken up and Cole had already moved on.
What if this was what the rest of his life is going to be like? Watching from the sidelines as Cole lives his with many men.

Sighing, Sebastian got up and went into the mens room. Frowning as he entered he looked around at the mess and fought back the panic that gripped him. His hands started shaking and his heartbeat picked up in his chest. His mouth went dry and sweat started to seep through his glands.
He needed to leave, to go away from this place and back to the serene cleanliness of his apartment, but he was frozen in fear and panic.
Sebastian didn't know what to do. He opened his mouth and gasped in more.
He couldn't seem to get enough of it, he was out of breath.

The door opened behind him; causing him to jump a foot off the floor.
"There you are..." Cole said as he came to a stop beside him.
Sebastian fought to conceal his panic, he knew how much Cole hated his problems. But his breathing only came faster as his eyes watered.
Cole frowned at him. "Are you okay?" He asked Sebastian.
Sebastian shook his head and bought his hand up to his throat.
"I need...I need to go h-home" He wheezed.
Cole nodded and grabbed him by the elbow and steered him out of the mens room. As they walked through the bar, heading toward the exit Sebastian felt as though everyone's eyes were on him, that they all know what a freak he was.
He grabbed Cole's hand and squeezed it tightly for support.
Cole sighed and pulled him along faster.
"You need to sort yourself out Bas." Cole said to him as they stopped beside Cole's car.
He shakily got in and put his head between his knees. His breathing finally started to slow down.
"I know" He whispered. But he knew that Cole couldn't hear him.
But how do you get rid of something that's so engraved into you? He thought to himself.
You just can't.

The End

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