Taken for Granted

Elon Consuella, walked down the hallway, her footsteps echoing off the walls. She made her way to a turbolift. Elon pressed the button and waited for a moment. The doors slid open in an instant, and she got in. The door closed behind her. She could feel hardly any vibrations whatsoever, the smoothness of the turbolift always seemed to amaze her. The doors opened again, and she was on the bridge. The Romulan walked towards the captain, hoping to speak with him.

"Elon." a familiar voice said.

Elon turned her head. "Yes, Telmek?"

"The captain is busy right now," Telmek began, but Elon lost her interest. She walked straight up to the captain and tapped on his shoulder calmly.

Without looking, he said, "No Elon, we are not returning to Starfleet Command for medical supplies."

"That's not it," she said, slightly surprised by his blunt tone. "I am curious on where we're going, that's all."

The captain sighed a heavy sigh. "Telmek, I thought I told you to keep her from bugging me when I'm busy."

"I tried captain," Telmek said in a distracted tone.

"Something wrong?" the captain asked, his eyebrows lifting.

Telmek snapped out of it. "Nope, not at all sir."

The captain eyed him carefully, but then returned to his duties.

Elon, knowing she couldn't talk to the captain now, made her way back to the turbolift. She needed a nap. She never knew being the Chief Medical Officer could be so tiring. Plus, she was tired of being taken for granted.

The End

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