The Away Team

Star Trek Fan Fiction: The crew of the U.S.S. Abilene embark on an urgent new mission from Starfleet Command.


Commander Scott Crumpton, the First Officer of the U.S.S. Abilene, stepped into the captain's ready room with a skip in his step. There was almost nothing that the captain could say that would ruin his mood. The past year had been the best year of his life. 

Not only had he been promoted to second in command of Starfleet's brand new Pulsar class starship (There was only two of them in existence.), but the war with the New Romulun Empire had been short lived. The alpha and beta quadrants were at peace as far as everyone knew. His dream of becoming a starship captain was well on its way of becoming true.

Twenty minutes later Scott ambled out of the ready room, his mood broken and crushed. No matter how good the universe was to itself, it always left room for a little misery. 

He ignored the bridge officers glancing in his direction. There was nothing he could do to stop their attention. His mood change showed both on his face and in his gait, both of which weren't only out of the norm but his complete opposite.

The Science Officer, a full blooded Vulcan named Telmek, approached him as if nothing had changed. With an out stretched hand holding a computer padd, Telmek spoke to the commander in his normal monotone. "Commander, here is this week's duty roster." 

When the commander barely gave the Vulcan just the smallest amount of attention, Telmek's right eyebrow spontaneously raised.

"Is there something wrong, Commander?"

Scott ignored his question, taking the computer padd from the Vulcan, speaking to him with as close to a normal, expressionless tone as he could muster. "Thank you." Even getting those two words out was difficult, but for decorum's sake, he continued, "Lieutenant Commander, you are as prompt as usual."

"Thank you, Sir."

Just then, the captain came out of his ready room. He immediatelly locked eyes with Scott. With an eye closing sigh, he composed himself.

"I'm sorry for such bad timing," he said, continuing to look at Scott, "but, we have urgent new mission orders from Starfleet Command." Choosing to use the officer's first name to ease the following blow, he continued, "Scott, I need you to lead an away team when we get to Gelmar IV."

The captain glanced over Scott's shoulder to look at the helm's man who knew exactly what was required of him in this instance, a fact that pleased the captain to no end in regards to his crew, the well oiled machine. 

The helm's man spoke up, "ETA 2 hours at warp factor 8."

The captain's order conveyed to everyone in the room how important the mission was. "Maximum warp. Engage!"

The End

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