The Awakening of Man

Apostle Bram Benson starts preparing for his most important work yet.

Rosary Prime, 23 April 2102,

I Bram Benson, Apostle in Our Church’s Quorum, am a hollow man. Lord, can I rise to Your calling? I have served You for as long as I have lived and I was there in 2080 when we surrendered. I was there...

I hear my fallen brothers and sisters every night in terrible dreams. They howl and suffer for the evil of our Enemy.
Its profound hatred for our kind and for our Lord torments them. The Enemy despise our love and knowledge of You, Lord. They are driven mad by the jealousy Satan himself has sown in their corrupted minds. They want to corrupt themselves in the name of "progress" and pervert our youth with their sickening “innovations”. They were once Men but are now frail darkened stumps unaware of their own decay, deluding themselves. They are blasphemous and ruthless. They want to spread and make us all in their foul image.

Today everything changes! You have chosen me, Lord, to be Your humble servant, to cleanse Your world of the taint. Our Church needs help for it has grown complacent in the 22 years since the Disaster.

It is 4AM and I must start preparing. Today votes will be cast in the Quorum and I must become the new President. But, I am not alone. I am the leader of the Reformists. Young and Hyde, my closest friends and allies, have seen to it that I have the votes of the Tabletists. This is the tipping point we have all been fighting for! I have campaigned, written books and given speeches these past 5 years during the Taft Presidency. We have strengthened many orthodox movements (Human+, Youth for Light, Citizens for the Church, etc.) and in exchange demanded their support in ending vanquishing our Enemy.
Unfortunately even now, our most holy council is divided in the question of the Enemy. And on the eve of election day, I lack 3 votes! Some key Apostles, notably the Golgotan faction, suspect that once in power, I will call for a new Crusade.

They fear another war, fear the Enemy and in their stupidity and complacency, the fools believe that peace would be forever secured if only we were silent and respected each others’ “differences”. These blasphemous Apostles insult the memory of their brethren who died in the Disaster.

We are faced with the Enemy, or as it prefers to be called, the Computed Consensus is the greatest evil that Mankind has ever faced – an evil that we inflicted upon and through ourselves! That which truly is the worst in us, the materialistic and selfish face of Man twisted by mad, hubristic "progress”! It hollows the soul and creates abominations the likes of which God never meant to walk the Earth! And we must... respect, this... this, disease that threatens to consume us all?!
No! We must fight it, our hands steadied by our faith in the one true Lord?

Yes, I believe with all my soul that the corruption must stop. The Enemy must be crushed and we must bring forth on Earth the Millenial Kingdom of Jesus our Lord. I pray to God that we are granted the time to prepare for the coming struggle. I am a yet young man, at only 53, but am scarred by the destruction I witnessed and the taint brought into this world in the past years of so-called peace.
Much has changed in the past hundred years. Our Nation, the United States of America, was once the strongest in the entire world, but the Lord saw fit to punish us for our arrogance.
We now repent and are favored! We are fortunate to have resisted the Enemy unlike our unlucky brothers in Europe and Africa. We are a force to be reckoned with and, praise the Lord, His Church is still a vital part of our society.

Lord, grant me the strength to wake the blasphemers from their careless sleep! I implore You, let us not be the Egyptians pursuing the Jews on Pharaoh's orders and let the Enemy not be the crashing waves of the Red Sea!
Our outgoing President Taft, the blind Pharaoh, a Golgotan, believes that we must patiently await Your wisdom. He believes we can coexist with the Enemy! Lord, make him see as You have made me! Make him see that time has come to act!

Lord, Your will be done! The next time I write down my life for our children, the vote will have been cast. I will know that my life’s greatest work has begun.

– A.B.B.

The End

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