The Avenarium (Part one) page eleven

The ocean, however, did not kill Maevos Avenar. It carried him from the battle on northern tides, far from the West to where the storm clouds never lifted, to the Northern Ocean. It deposited him there upon the banks, unharmed but without his memories. A Borluce found him there anon, and kneeling, he found Maevos Avenar's body to be warm from the ocean water. Lifting the boy in his arms, the Borluce took him deeper into The North and adopted him into the Borluce race.

The evil that was Taelan Muntalabac persisted. Even as the vengeful water rent his body, his immortality sundered by the lethal blow dealt him by the Avenar Prince, the Dread Lord’s terrible soul still endured. Shielded by ancient, dark spells, his soul discarded the useless corpse and returned east where his sons lingered. They stood as the tremors of his half death reached across the world and knew the hour of their reaping had come. He chose the eldest this time, the one with the most harvested power. Laughing with glee, Taelan Muntalabac wrenched his child's soul from the body and devoured it, leaving the mortal vessel vacant and ready to house his own terrible essence. Taelan always marked one child of his brood at birth, condemning it to die in his stead. Now, sensing their doom, the two lesser sons attacked their father. They knew he had no more use for them, for only one child of a brood could be marked, and there could not be two broods with one father. They were but infants when compared to their sire however, and both were easily devoured, clearing the way for a new brood even as their souls augmented Taelan Muntalabac's already vast power.

An uneasy peace fell over the world. Maribor Andaar sat high upon his skull throne, gnashing his teeth and raging in the collar that held him bound to the Dread Lord. He lusted after the western lands, but Taelan Muntalabac contained him in the East, waiting for his new Brood to mature. The West gathered its legions, forming alliances between lords and kings. It feared open war with Andaur, feared Maribor's vast armies and witchcraft. The Avenar Princes locked themselves in the DawnHold, extending their senses to scour the world for Taelan Muntalabac. They failed for twenty long years as Andaur, and the Dread Lord, crept ever closer to open war. 

The End

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