The Avenarium (Part one) page nine

Crying out in a voice heard over even the thunder, Tiberius Wyite called for the delegations three vessels to turn back. With a cold shadow over his heart, Maevos's father knew it was already too late. Taking his son by the hand, he pushed him under deck, warning him to stay there until called for. Then he turned to face the darkness surrounding them. A dozen bestial shrieks foretold their arrival, and soon Taelan Muntalabac descended from the corrupted heavens flanked by eleven twisted beasts and their howling masters. Wreathed in black fire and storm clouds, The Dread Lord landed opposite the Avenar Prince, a crimson blade held aloft in his hand. The attending guards and sailors swarmed him and were slaughtered; their bodies broken under a tide of their own fear. Hurling its own cries to battle, the ocean lashed against the ships, striking at the heavens in its wroth. The sky cracked with thunder and the heavens opened war on the ocean, savaging the doomed mortals caught between. Amidst the all chaos, the Dread Lord and Avenar Prince warred as their families had warred for millennium. 

The End

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