The Avenarium (Part one) page six

The Andaar tyranny reigned uncontested for over a millennia. In time, the rain came as blood and a black mist rose that even the sun could never dissipate. Always, Karos'Myyr grew fatter and fatter on the misery of its subjects and always Taelan Muntalabac dug deeper into the earth, poisoning the east to its core with his malice. Thirteen Andaar kings, mad kings all, came to sit upon the ever-growing skull throne. Each, like Rastuuri, was undying. Their bodies did not age, or their minds wither beneath the weight of years, but any injury dealt to their flesh would persist, heedless of any contrivance or magic they worked upon it. Thus, each new king ascended by destroying the bodies of his father and siblings. Their souls however, lingered on, undiminished by the destruction of their mortal vessels. And so, with each new generation, the new king would dig a cairn larger than a city and lock both his father and his rivals away with a thousand wretched slaves and ten thousand soldiers. These tombs became the Burrows of the Mad Kings. Then, in the year 3730, the light of a star pierced the black mist and all knew that the Andaar reign was ending. This day held the birth of Maevos Avenar.

The End

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