The Avenarium (Part one) page five

Rastuuri Andaar unleashed four decades of bloodshed, war, and witchcraft upon the East. His powerful rivals were slaughtered, with their bones and souls taken to be used as mortar in the new Andaar stronghold. The fortress grew with every conquest, the walls deepening and growing more numerous. Then, finally, a tower was added for every noble house Rastuuri Andaar enslaved. At last, when his empire stretched from the Rhawn Mountains to the southern wastes and from the ocean to the Annuir'Hyme, over a thousand towers adorned his palace. Bloated on the death of millions, Rastuuri Andaar took his throne of skull and christened his stronghold Karos'Myyr: Well of Misery. Throughout of all this, Taelan Muntalabac lingered in the shadows, burrowing deep into the rock beneath Karos'Myyr , growing vast on the hate of Rastuuri Andaar and his sons.

The End

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