The Avenarium (Part one) page four

Huddled in a decrepit cave within the mountains that were his sanctuary and prison, Rastuuri Andaar spoke anew with Taelan Muntalabac. His broken means and insatiable hunger made him weak, strengthening his latent madness and sparking his desires to a fevered pitch. Taelan Muntalabac offered Rastuuri all he desired; the destruction of his foes, a host to conquer the East, unholy power, and true immortality. Lost in the spell of the Dread Lord's words, Rastuuri Andaar submitted, accepting the pact. Swelling with carnal malice, Taelan Muntalabac took four things from the Andaar king, three as a price and the fourth as services rendered. He took Rastuuri Andaar's sanity; he took Rastuuri Andaar's light, he took Rastuuri Andaar's right to death, and finally he took the right of redemption from the Andaar bloodline, forever damning them to darkness. Thus, in the year 2568, Andaur the empire of the Andaar Kings, the Mad Kings, was born.

The End

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