The Avenarium (Part one) page three

Rastuuri Andaar had many rivals however, and all of them powerful, paranoid lords desperate to keep their affluence, and, now, with the Andaar king marching to war, Taelan Muntalabac gathered his rivals in darkness. He preyed upon their fears and their hungers, speaking to them of Rastuuri Andaar's voracious thirst for power. There amidst Taelan Muntalabac's woven shadows, the rivals fell under his sway, losing themselves in his words. Driven by fear, they set aside their hatred to join against Rastuuri Andaar who, oblivious to his rivals' unity, marched blindly into war and was crushed. Amidst the dying screams of his host and the burning ruins of his palace, Rastuuri Andaar fled. He found refuge in the wild eastern mountains and it was there that Taelan Muntalabac came to him anew.

The End

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