Of Taelan and Maevos

The Andaar kings were dark men even before their madness took hold of them and they sold their redemption for power to the man known as Taelan Muntalabac, the Hate Monger.

Even before their ascension, the Andaar Kings were dark men. Their history was one of witchcraft and necromancy, or avarice and wanton violence. The Andaar bloodline was a bastard of the old blood, carrying a diminished power but all the lusts. Always, their minds suffered within the confines of unreasoning desire merged with the desperate need to ascend, to surpass their lofty ancestors and attain true glory. Then, finally, in the year 2560, the first Andaar king reached an unmatched pinnacle of power among the eastern families and judged the hour right for his ascension. A shadow old as the age came before him whispering of a power so vast all eastern lands would bow in terror. This evil was Taelan Muntalabac, the Hate Monger.

The End

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