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Meanwhile, in sector Blue 17a, plasma bolts filled the air, between the security and a group of armed gangsters, the result of a botched warranted search on one of the Bar; The Lurker's run, which was a cover front for a drug op.

"When are reinforcement coming?" One of the security agent asked, crouching behind overturned tables as improvised cover. 

"It better be soon, Hendricks isn't going to make it if not..." Another said, trying as best as it could to mend the wound of a wounded officer, a rather complex task when under fire.

A third officer opened his mouth to speak, but sound didn't come out just as a shot hit him square in the middle of the chest, leaving a gaping, burning wound. The two remaining officer screamed in rage and shot wildly at the criminals but to no effect.

After a few seconds, the light had suddenly cut, plunging the building in darkness for a few seconds as both group stopped their attack in surprise. For a few drawn out seconds, silence reigned... Only to be interrupted by the screams of pain of one of the gangsters, and then another. 

Although he was behind cover, officer Kerrigan received a shower of a thick and warm liquid, it didn't take much to put two and two together and realize what it was: Blood.

A third scream was heard, along with a loud thump and the light went back on, powered by the emergency generator of the building. The black out had lasted only a handful of seconds, but three men laid dismembered in a pool of their own blood while a blue-gray skinned Floran stood there, a long sword in one of her hand, a gun in the other. 

The two remaining thugs took one look at the alien and her predatory grin and without much hesitation, both threw down their weapons. The Floran slowly walked over to them, super-heated blade in hand. She gently put the tip against one of the man's chest, leaving a burned hole on his clothes and she asked "Where are the drugs?"

"Th-the Ba-ba-basement, under the stair..." He replied, on the verge of crying in terror. "Please don't eat me Ma'am." He then begged.

At that comment, she made an enraged snarling noise before kicking the man in the stomach for his remark.

"I'll eat you if I want it. Is that clear?" She declared, before switching on her comm unit, calling for a clean up crew and medical assistance before cuffing the two men and returning to the remaining officers.

"You were told to wait for me." She scolded the security officers. "Look at that, Jenkins is dead, Hendricks is badly wounded." The officer in front of her began an apology, but she just punched him before turning around.

"May I ask a question Ma'am?" The other standing officer asked. "Are you serious about eating them?"

When she heard the question, she stopped and just glared at the man, who shallowed down his saliva as looked away nervously under the presure of her black eyes.

"Idiots..." She muttered as she walked away.

The End

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