Yehuda patiently waited at the docks, everyone but the local workers had already left but he was still waiting for his escort. After about half an hour, a woman finally came to him, a young blonde around his own age.

"I apologize for the delay, Ms. Blodwen is currently unavailable and could not meet you on time, which is why I was notified. My name is Emily Sabin, I am supposed to be your assistant, but it seems I'll be taking the role of teacher for the day." She said, presenting herself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Sabin, Please call me Yehuda, if we're going to work together, I think we can drop the formalities."

"I think we can do that. Call me Emily then." She affirmed before taking a look at the note pad she was carrying. "Commander Knight wish to see you as soon as possible, her office is next to the command center so I'll show you that too.

The man nodded and began following her, having trouble keeping up with her long, purposeful strides as he normally kept a much smoother pace than her. As they moved through the station using one of the lift, she explained the layout of the station to him; Red sector was the command post, Blue were the civilian facilities, green was the Bio-dome, purple was the docks, Yellow was the station's bowels and utilities while Orange contained the research and development facilities.

"Why is orange sector so large?" He asked, looking at a map of the station. "Isn't this a diplomatic outpost?"

"While technically yes, the station's main function is Research and development, it was in the construction contract that XenoCorp Inc. had exclusive ownership of the labs in exchange for the financing of the project.

"So we're some kind of corporate tool?" He asked, stopping dead with revulsion clear in his tone.

"Not really, the Station still belongs to the Terran Alliance, we don't take orders from the corporation. The only say they have here are in the Labs, which isn't our job to police anyway. "

He let out a relieved sigh and kept on walking, soon arriving at the command post that was his. "Officer on Deck!" Emily exclaimed, causing the few persons in the room to salute. The demidozen of crew members eyes the new officer with a mix of incredulity and suspicion, all of them were clearly older than their new commanding officer and it was clear they would have a hard time accepting a kid as their boss...

"I am Lieutenant Kadmon the new CO, What are the conditions outside?" He asked, if only to release himself from the stares.

"Normal, traffic is slightly delayed due to the resupply of the TNS Paris. No sign of trouble on scanner." One of the crew member replied. 

"And inside the station?"

"There is currently a commotion in Blue 17a, Lt. Blodwen is on it, information is scarce but plasma pistol fire was detected by the computer. Cameras are out of order, we're still investigating why, sir." Another responded. 

"Good. You can return to work, I will be back soon. He said, as Emily began to pull his Jacket's sleeve. When he finally moved, she walked him about twenty meters to a new room, the door proclaimed as Commander Knight's Office.

The End

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