The Avalon Station - A Starbound storyMature

Inspired by Starbound and Babylon 5, This is the story of The Avalon space station, a free port standing in neutral space, welcoming everyone into it, Human or Alien.
It has been five years since the border conflict between Humans and Apexes, and now War veteran Yehuda Kadmon prepares to take control of the station's armed wing.
Despite it's good intention and noble goals, something dark is hidden in the past of the station, something that had been covered up for a long time...

The fabric of space rippled for a moment before finally tearing from the stress pressed on it by the jumping ship. From the hole in space, the TNS Paris emerged, stepping out of the warp and into normal space, relatively close to it, A massive station was suspended within the endless voice of space, orbiting a barren planet which in turn turned around a yellow dwarf star.

For a few seconds, Yehuda's attention stepped away from the pile of manuals and to the outside. Safe behind two inches off bullet proof glass, he marveled at the structure that was before him. As of now, it was going to be his home, his world, no longer would he wander from world to world in a Navy ship. Although the promotion was a great honor, a part of him missed his old ship, the Falcon Class destroyer 'TNS Woodrow"

"Lieutenant Kadmon!" Someone hailed him from behind, saluting him.

"At ease, Ensign. What is it that you have to say?"

"We will be docking at the station in fifteen minutes, The station's Security chief is waiting at the dock for you, sir."

"Thanks for the information, is there anything else?"

"No sir, no... Nothing official. Permission to speak freely sir?"

"Granted, Ensign Jones." Yehuda said a bit awkwardly, despite his rank, he was younger than the ensign by several years. Attaining a commanding position had always been an odd experience for him. 

"It's been an honor to serve under you, Yehuda. You shouldn't blame yourself for the destruction of the Woodrow. There was nothing you could have done." The Ensign said, with clear empathy.

The Officer sighed and grabbed back one of his books again, causing the ensign to ask. "You're studying the Station's history?"

"I am, the bloody Station might only be three years old, but it's history dossier is as thick as a bible... That's not even counting the sister stations that were destroyed; Asgard and Elysium. Avalon has had it's share of destruction attempt and crisis. Xenophobia is still strong since the war, so the place is a bubble just waiting to be bust." 

He grabbed a dossier and read it out loud: "The population of the Avalon, Asgard and Elysium station is 40 000 permanent workers as well as another 20 000 traders, independents and visitors. Of the resident, 92% are Humans, the rest are about equal in term of ratio of population."

"Does the station allows Apex on board?" The ensign asked, a hint of disgust in his tone.

"Yes. All race are accepted, although it seems Florans have shown very little interest in cohabitation and partnership... Typical of them. Can, I ask you a question? You seemed so... upset about the Apex... Did you lose someone?"

The Ensign sat down on the synthetic leather seat and he grumbled and answer. "My Father, he was shot down at the battle of Isso IV. What about you?"

"I lost everybody, Parents, Friends, Brothers, Sisters... All of them at the beginning of the war, we lived on Shaal III, we didn't see the attack coming before it was too late."

"Jeesh, My family and I were evacuated before the battle to another system, if it wasn't for that we wouldn't have--"

As he Spoke, the ensign was interrupted by the comm which requested: "Lt. Kadmon, please proceed to shuttle B5. I repeat, Lt Kadmon, to shuttle B5."

"Sorry, it's been good seeing you one last time, but it's time to go."

"The pleasure was mine Yehuda. I hope you'll be happy there. And who knows, maybe next time we see each others, I'll be in charge of my own vessel."  Jones declares before saluting him.

The End

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