The suited men threw us onto a couch across from the guy we were trying to save, then went into another room at a glance from the tall man between us. He had a commanding presence, and his aura was nearly black. I shook with fear, my throat closing on my words.

“So much talent, right here!” the man seemed to savor the moment, looking from the boy tied in the chair to us cowering on the couch with a huge grin on his face.

“What talen..” Kristy began, but was interrupted.

 “What were you ladies doing outside?” The tall, dark man sounded like the principal when he wanted you to confess to something he already knew you did. Kristy always caved under pressure.

“We saw your men grab this guy and we thought he was in trouble, so we called the police. We’re so sorry, we didn’t know you were FBI. Please let us go, we didn’t mean any harm.” Kristy squeaked. She was almost in tears. The man leaned down to eye-level, making Kristy and I lean back into the sofa wishing it would swallow us up.

He stood and walked over to stand behind the guy, placing his hands on his shoulders. “So you know this boy?” His face softened. His eyes met Kristy’s and they were soft and watery. As I watched, his black aura reached out across the room to touch Kristy’s. It was all I could do not to shrink back.

“Well, no, not really. We were looking for him though.” Kristy spilled, relaxing a little, her voice not so high.

“Shut up Kristy!” I hissed.

“Why were you looking for him?” Jasper’s voice was smooth, he eyes were pleading. But his aura was still black. Kristy relaxed and trusted him. She was mesmerized by the smooth tone of his voice and his casual, graceful movements, not to mention his aura that was mingling with hers. She couldn’t see that he was up to no good, she trusted him to let us go.

“She saw him at school and wanted to meet him.” Kristy pointed at me and I blushed despite my anger and fear.

“So, here he is.” The man’s eyes turned on me. Kristy frowned at me. Her aura turned a little green at the edges, but was white in the middle. She was jealous of me for taking this man’s attention away, and she was under his spell. White auras mean the person is not in control of themselves. Then the black aura reached out to me, and the man’s thought patterns danced across the room in my direction. I had never seen anyone reach out with their mind before.

No, I had! In a sudden flashback I remembered seeing this pattern before, once when I was very small. I had opened the door and greeted a tall person, who had reached just like this, for my Dad!

“What do you think of him now?” the man was asking.

“You! I know you!” I shrieked. I lunged at the man standing behind the chair, startling ghim so much he didn’t move away. My hands made contact, shoving him backwards. I grabbed the guy by the arm, kicking the chair out from under him toward the man as I pulled the guy with me toward the front door. I shoved Kristy, who had stood, but was still dazed, towards it as well. “You leave us alone! I’m going to call my Dad!”

I remembered how when I was afraid of him the first time, my Dad came to my rescue, stealing me away to my room. There was some arguing, and later, Dad brought me my dinner.

The man began to laugh, loud and long.

The End

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