0531 Hours, 12th November 2676, USN Ticonderoga, Morril Asteroid FieldMature

The Weapon Storage Chamber was no less Macabre than the Preparatory Hallway, but at least it didn't give an aura of unease. In each corner of each wall, an Adamanticrete skull, several times larger than any human's, was present. Mouths agape, they clenched electronic floodlights between their teeth. Amber light poured from each, bathing the chamber and the various armatures within it in dull light.

The lenghty racks which cradled the weaponry of the Armoured Infantry were almost the entire room long, forming several aisles between them. Each rack was held aloft at regular intervals along their length by Robed figures, frozen as if they had stared into the eyes of Ancient Medusa. As John strode down an aisle, he scraped the back of his gauntleted fist against the figures with a grating sound. He came to the end of this particular aisle, and found the section he had been looking for;

Segmentum Alpha Munitions.
Advanced military hardware lay stacked against the brace of the rack, ancient specimens of technologies concieved centuries ago. An assault rifle caught Johns eye in particular. It was fully half his battlesuit's height, it's blocky segments picked out in the orange light. the thick, ridged barrel of the gun was easily identifiable as that of a Laser weapon. John grabbed the Rifle and hefted it chest-height. it had a satisfying weight to it.

John ran his fingers along the various cables that would link the power pack to a canister of energy. He leant over the Rack, secured one of the cylindrical charge pack in his hand, and gingerly brought it to the opening at the bottom of the gun. He slid the canister into the weapon, then twisted it. A loud click confirmed that the charge pack was secured.  John then took the end of one power cable and pushed it into the side of the canister. A faint, high-frequency noise announced it's activation. he did the same with the other cable, linking this to the other side of the canister. It too chirped it's activation. John inspected the side of the weapon. Under the green glow of the rifle's power meter, john could make out thick, scrawling letters.

"Victoria Laeta Aut Mors",  It read.
"Glorious Victory Or Death", Muttered John.
Carter must have heard him, for she made her way over, M16-44 Assault Rifle in hand.
She raised her eyebrows "quite a weapon you've found for yourself, John", she said, scanning the energy rifle.
John nodded.
"It's ancient", he remarked, regarding the weapon himself.
Usually, the older and more ancient weapons were more powerful, considering the measures that had to be taken during the Exodus for humanity to survive.
The Rifle John currently held must have been from the early 22nd century, judging by it's design.
Carter shrugged, "I prefer a good ol' 44."
"Suit yourself" answered John, "When my Kill record soars, we'll see which you prefer."
He laughed, she Stuck her tongue out and gave him the finger by way of response.
John hefted the rifle once more.
"Let's see what you can do, eh boy?" He murmured, patting the rifle gently.


The End

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