0525 Hours, 12th November 2676, USN Ticonderoga, Morril Asteroid Field.Mature

As the Echelon marched in formation through the Preparatory Hallway, John scanned his surroundings. Macabre statues, clad in robes, were depicted in various activities involving weaponry. One clutched an american flag in one hand, an archaic pistol in the other, it's sunken features grim and deathly. The stonework was exceptionally detailed. John momentarily wondered as to how long it would have taken to create such detailed, ornate hallways and chambers across eight hundred miles of warship. He quickly disregarded the thought, lest he get lost in a reverie.

Human nature being what it is, current warships are very grim, gothic inspired, country-sized antiques, reflecting the centuries of warfare and bloodshed the United States has had to endure in order to continue its existance. Each ship is usually hundreds of years old, surviving so long due only to the fact that naval battles very rarely resulted in the destruction or, indeed, crippling of vessels. John had served on three ships during his military career. the Ticonderoga being the largest.

As 4th Echelon continued their march, the only sound echoing through the cavernous hallway being the synchronised thumping of the trooper's boots, they passed yet more of the Deathly figures, holding all manner of Deadly, ancient weapons. Each one was kept in near-perfect condition, no doubt the labourings of thousands of ensigns. Leering skulls stared eyelessly from the ceiling, bringing a sense of unease to John's mind. The end of the hallway was shrouded in darkness, the only light source in the hallway were torches set into the walls, their flames flickering playfully. The Tympanum above the vast doorway came into view, it displayed masterful carvery as various patriotic figures took up the surface of it. Two statues, both women, stood tall and slender either side of the door. They rested their crossed arms upon the muzzle of a Long Rifle, both staring with steely expressions down the Hallway.

The Echelon passed through the Doorway, and entered the Weapon Storage Chamber. John felt the sense of unease the hallway instilled in him fade away, replaced with eager anticipation of equipping himself with the weaponry the rank of Master Sergeant provided.
"Fuck", said Carter, "Those damn hallways give me the creeps."
She shook her head.
John ordered the Echelon to halt, and turned to face them all.
"Our deployment commences at 0600 hours. that leaves us roughly half an hour to get our gear in order", Boomed John, scanning his troopers "Proceed to the weapon racks, get it done, people!"
With that, the Echelon saluted, and dispersed.

The End

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