Emily and Alexandre's first sexual encounterMature

Emily found it quite easy to settle in her new room in an amazing flat. She started exploring the city with some friends she had made while on vacation the previous summer. The only thing she found a bit uncomfortable was waking up with morning hair still in her pajamas to fix Emerson, the little boy she looked after, breakfast. Because Alexandre always worked from his computer at the dining room table. He always looked so perfect, even first thing in the morning. It even became a little more awkward when she had masturbated to the fantasies she had involving him. It got to the point where she couldnt bare to look him in the eyes.

After a while Emily started to date a cute guy from Marseilles named Francois who now lived in London. She met him while she was out and about in Central London. This lessoned the intensity of her desire to have Alexandre, but didnt completely diminish the thought. After dating for a  while she starting spending the night with Francois and naturally they became intimate. One night, during a more than usual intense session she found herself imagining that she was making passionate love to Alexandre. Trying desperately not to ruin the image, she closed her eyes, sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Meanwhile, back in everyday life, Emily became more and more comfortable around Alexandre. They would sit and talk about conspiracy theories, music and computers. Only a few of the many things they had in common.

One night Alexandre saw that Emilys' light was on in her room. He knocked, she said "Come in". 

He set his brief case on the floor then proceeded to sit down on her bed. Both of his hands were behind him on the bed so he was slightly leaning back, whenever his hair would fall forward in his face he would sweep it back with his right hand exposing his sweat marks under his arms. Emily found it very masculine and sexy.

Thoughts started to over flow in her mind of how she wanted to prowl over to him like a tiger, purring and crawling up his stocky, strong body oh so seductively giving him little nips all the way up. Wishing he would run his right hand through hair while she was too busy giving him pleasure to do it herself.

Focus she thought! He is talking to you.

Alexandre starting telling her about his job and about a new project he was starting up. He proposed a possible part time marketing position for her to do in her spare time. Then he moved on to how successful he was a couple years back with an internet company he started.

He made an unsual comment that struck Emily as odd, he said "the days when things were good".

Now of course that could've been taken two ways, either he meant financially or sexually. Now wasn't the time to figure it out considering Maggie would be home any minute from work.  When she walked in, Alexandre had just walked out from Emilys' room. Maggie looked up the stairs suspiciously

"How was your day dear?", she asked while giving him a squinty look as if she knew he was in Emilys' room. "It was great dear, how was yours?", he replied.

Emily listened in shear nervousness for the fear that Maggie knew she wanted to seduce her husband. But naturally it was all parnoia.

For the next couple of weeks, Emily got the indication that Alexandre wasn't the type of man to fool around on his wife. She couldn't understand why though, his wife was sweet as pie, but how could she possibly satisfy him physically being a little overweight and not so youthful anymore. Meanwhile, he has this fit, beautifully twenty-five year old living under the same roof and he hasn't made a move.

Emily has seen it happen over and over again, men that are sexually unsatisfied go outside of their marriage, even if they weren't unsatisfied it's human nature to want a change, a different experience she thought.

Until one day, she was proven completely wrong with three words. As Emily and Alexandre were discussing something regarding Emerson he ended the discussion with,

"I'm very direct" followed by a long sultry look.

She knew one of two things would happen, she would make her move or have to return home to stop something from happening between the two of them. She made the decision to leave. She broke things off with Francois, made arrangements to leave in three weeks to give Alexandre and Maggie time to find a new au pair and off she would be. She later in the week informed the two of her decision saying that she had a terrible family matter that she needed to tend to and she could no longer stay. They took the news quite well and were very understanding.

Emily was depressed because she loved her life in London. She really didn't want to leave, but if it meant doing the right thing, it had to be done. The last week she was there Maggie picked up and left for the country with Emerson for the weekend with some friends. Alexandre had to stay behind to get some work done.

Emilys' friends wanted to have one last night out before she left the following Tuesday. They started drinking champagne at a friends' house, then they moved out to Central London dancing the night away at a VIP table with two bottles of Vodka. The night was a blast! Everyone decided to take cabs home around 2am.

When Emily arrived home Alexandre was still awake. She found that extremely odd. When she walked into the lounge she saw him sitting at the table working on his computer. He never stayed up this late, it was as if he was waiting for her to come home.

He looked up at her, she stood in the doorway just staring back.

"How was your night?", he asked. "It was fine, what are you doing up?" "I have a deadline for a marketing project", he responded.

It was then Emily threw all morals out the window as she walked over to the table, set her bag down, moved his laptop back and sat in it's place. She waited a couple of minutes to feel out the situation for she wasn't  completely sure how he would respond. To her favor he smiled, looked at her and asked

"What is this?" "I'm leaving in a couple of days and I just wanted to say good bye", Emily said.

He took off her black Miss Sixty cocktail dress, leaving her dressed in a black thong and silver wedged, open-toe shoes. In return she unbuttoned his pink gingham, button-up, collared shirt.  Both totally exposed, she  started caressing his chest with the tip of her shoe. He just sat back following her leg with his eyes. Next she got off the table and onto her knees slowly kissing his stomach up to his chest then moving onto his neck gradually to his lips that she has been longing to kiss for four months now. They started to passionately make-out. Their hands were going everywhere, caressing up and down and up again. She was on top of him, then she hops off and starts walking towards the stairs.Emily sits down in the middle of the staircase and asks,

"if you could kiss me in one spot of my body where would it be?" he says, "inbetween your thighs."

Emily continues crawling up the stairs as he follows her to her bedroom he starts kissing her body. Starting with her legs, then her thighs, up to her stomach and breasts, finishing with a bite on her neck while at the same time penetrating her. They didnt stop until the sun came up.

She turned to him and said "If I was your wife, I wouldn't let you out of bed to go to work in the morning." He laughed and they started again.

The End

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