The Au PairMature

Emily couldn't remain living in Paris a moment longer! She feared for her life, not because she was in danger, but because she didn't want to live in a padded cell for the rest of her life for  first degree murder of her flat mate. After carefully exploring her options she decided to relocate to London as an au pair. WithIn two days she was on a flight to Stansted airport.

Immediately upon arrival she hopped on the Green Line bus to Finchley Road where Alexandre, the Parisian father, was waiting to pick her up and take Emily to the house. After the 45 minute bus ride that seemed like eternity, she jumped off looking around aimlessly for a middle aged, possibly over weight, bald man. What every father should look like she thought. On the contrary, this man was absolutely the most sexy man she had ever encountered in her natural born life of twenty-five years!

He had long flowing brown hair that he brushed back with his right hand when the wind blew. His build was impecably masculine and he had these amazingly pouty, luscious lips that she just wanted to hang onto by her teeth. Suddenly this ravenous explosion ran through her veins, next thing she knew they were against the wall with luggage strewn at their feet passionately caressing each others' face with their lips and hot breath of desire.

Then she came back to reality.

They introduced themselves politely, double kissed each other on the cheek then proceeded to the car. His scent of man and expensive cologne drove her mad as it smothered her senses when they got into the car. She didnt think they would make it to the house without ripping each others clothes off.

As they were driving to the house the two managed to create small talk about their travels, life in London, etc. Eventually they arrived at the house, Emily couldn't help but to follow Alexandre down the stairs to the door staring at his perfectly shaped lower half envisioning herself sat up on top him, reversed, grabbing onto his big strong legs whilst riding him and him screaming from shear pleasure.

His British wife Maggie came down the stairs to greet Emily. "Hello Emily, you've finally made it", she said. "Yes finally", Emily responded while thinking, 'you lucky bitch'. Alexandre and Maggie gave Emily the grand tour and showed her to her room. It was a gorgeous house with beautiful high ceilings, plush decor and a lovely garden. Immediately she envisioned herself as the wife of Alexandre and this was her house and Maggie was the new au pair. But she knew this couldn't be a thought in her mind. Never in a million years would she cross that line or could she?

The End

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