As she stumbled through the village Aria felt an agonizing pain begin to creep through her body, starting with her toes, it moved up through her body and slowly out towards her fingertips.

“There is no use in running little child.” Devilo seemed to be leisurely keeping pace with her, running backwards beside her.

“You can’t escape me now, I got to you first!” he grinned happily. “I’m too fast for you to run!” he cackled in a sing song voice.

“Fine!“ Aria stopped trying to run and stood several feet from him, panting heavily, the pain rippling through her body in waves now.

“I can’t outrun you physically. But I wont go anywhere with you!” she cried.

“That’s fine, I can just kill everyone here and then take you by force.” he studied his nails and glanced at her casually. “Or you can come along quietly and everyone lives.”

“Why would you kill them when you can just take me with you anyway?” Aria asked in a shocked whisper.

“Simply to make you watch. Wiping out villages is only fun when you’re mentally torturing someone with it.” he smirked as he began to walk towards her. “You’re coming with me either way Princess, so what will it be?”

She coughed and doubled over as the pain almost crippled her completely. She felt like she was burning up from the inside out.

Suddenly a voice in her head whispered. “Aria let it out, let it go, or it will consume you.”

“Who’s there?” she thought. “Who are you and why are you in my head?”

“It will all be explained to you in time Aria. Please, do not let your magic build up, it will incinerate your body, use it. Escape Aria. I will come for you.”

Straightening up and taking a deep breath, she looked deep into Devilo’s eyes, even though it made her want to physically vomit.

“I’m ready to leave now.” she said slowly.

“Excellent!” he smiled and held out his hand to her for the second time. “I am glad you made the right choice.”

Aria exhaled slowly and stepped forwards, a little unsteady on her feet, and Devilo’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

“I feel a little warm.” she murmured. “Don’t you?”

Less then five seconds later she vanished in a cloud of green flames.

“Aria!” a crowd of people had gathered and now stood staring in shock at the place where she had vanished.

“The Trickster curse you Andar.” Devilo whispered softly before he turned and fled into the night.

The End

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