The Iceman


“Princess.” he dropped to one knee and Aria stared at him in shock.

“You.” she said softly.

She felt a strange energy pulsating through her and she tried to remember how she knew him and why she knew that he was looking for her.

“Who are you?” she stared at him, searching his chiselled features.

“Aria, I told you I would come for you.” he looked pained and Aria felt her heart fill with anguish at the look on his face.

“I feel as if I have seen you before.” she hesitated. “Maybe in a dream?”

He looked a little startled but seemed to shake it off. “Yes that’s right, your magical blood should know who I am.“

“I feel as if I do know you.“ Aria placed a slender hand over her eyes and tried to find her way through the hazy confusion. Had he been the man in her dream? What was it that he had said to her before she woke?

She struggled to remember and then realised that she must seem dreadfully rude. She took her hand from across her eyes and tried to fight off the urge to vomit as the world continued to tilt from side to side. Her vision seemed to be having trouble adjusting to the fire and the darkness around her. She felt like she was on a boat as the ground lurched horribly again.

“I’m apologise Stranger. I do not recognize you.” she took a deep breath. “I do not even know your name!”

He laughed but it sounded strange. “My name is Devilo. I am here to take you to the place that you belong.”

Aria shivered slightly as she tried to remember clearly the face of the man in her dream. Was this him? Had he truly come to find her? What was it that he had said to her?

“How did you find me so fast?” She asked softly. “And what do you want with me?”

“You are the Princess.” he said simply. “That is what I want with you. You are to be brought home and placed on the throne next to your Mother, the Queen.”

“I’m what?” Aria looked around her and caught Carolina’s eye. “It’s true.” the woman whispered sadly. “You are the daughter of Lorea Matrilani, High Queen of the Attic Of Lost Things. I’m sorry I never told you before but we were ordered not to by the Queen herself.”

“I am a Princess?” Aria stared at the ground in shock as her head began to pound even harder while she took on this new information. Princess…

And yet for some reason it did not surprise her as much as it should. She knew she was different. Her looks were nothing like those of Carolina and Ganth, she was not allowed to do heavy work that might be considered ‘damaging’ to her, and she had just unleashed an unholy amount of power on an army that not many can defeat.

“I… I don’t understand.”  she murmured.

“There is not much to understand Princess.” Devilo sounded slightly impatient and bored. “Your name is Aria Deloria Matrilani, you are the third daughter of a third daughter and you are destined to become one of the most powerful rulers The Attic has ever seen. Do you know why?”

Aria couldn’t listen to anymore. Her head was beginning to hurt intensely.

“I am sorry Devilo, I am a little on guard because of events gone by.” she interrupted him as she made to stand up. Devilo shrugged and offered her his hand. She was unsure whether or not it would be a good idea to take it. All this business of strangers showing up and claiming to know her, and finding out that she was a Princess, it was a bit too much, and who could she truly trust? Weren’t the royals in constant danger in these times?

“Please, Princess, tell me that you remember me?” Devilo looked so vulnerable as he held out his hand that the ice barrier against emotion that she had erected around her heart almost began to melt.

“I think I know who you are.” she smiled and slipped her hand into his. As soon as their palms touched she felt a sharp shock vibrate through her and she let go as everything clicked into place and she fully remembered her dream.

“Don’t trust anyone Aria, and beware of The Iceman. He is not who he claims to be… he only works to please himself. I will come for you!”

Aria stood looking dazed for a few moments.

“Your hands.” she whispered as he stared at her with a cool look. “They are like ice!”

He smiled and suddenly she didn’t like him anymore. “You’re not who you claim to be.” she took a step backwards and his smile changed to a scowl.

“So they’ve already gotten to you have they? The Matrilani blood link works fast.“ He sighed. “You’re going to try to run now aren’t you?” he folded his arms and looked at her with cold eyes.

Aria looked him up and down and shivered. “I…I think…” and then she did the only thing that seemed natural in a situation like that. She turned, and ran.

The End

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