Aria's Dream


Aria felt like she had been hit with a hammer as she slowly opened her eyes and sat up. The large marble walls frightened her and she struggled to her feet, stumbling forward against the cool wall. “Wh…where am I?” she cried aloud as her head began to ache.

“What is this place?” she whimpered softly into the empty air. “Where is everyone? Mama….Mama help me!”

She began to slowly walk forwards and suddenly up ahead in the distance she saw a light. “Hello?” she called nervously. “Is there anyone there?”

It was at that moment that she saw a woman seated on a throne, she looked frail and weary, but at the same time she was beautiful. Her long black hair fell about her face in curls and she rested her head on a slender arm as she stared at the figure crouched in front of her.

He wore a cloak of emerald green with a quiver of arrows slung around his back and he was muttering something it seemed. The beautiful woman nodded twice and then suddenly she looked up and her eyes met Aria‘s.

Aria took a step backwards in shock and the woman‘s eyes widened as she raised a hand to her mouth.

The man stood up and slowly turned around, catching Aria‘s blue stare in his own soft hazel one and making her heart skip a beat. His light brown hair fell in locks around his face, which itself looked like it had been carved from the very marble the walls were made of.

“Aria.” he whispered, and yet somehow she heard him.

“Who are you? Where am I?” she stepped forwards, confused, and then the illusion shattered and she began to wake from what had been an apparent dream. “Wait, what is this?” she struggled to get the words out as the blackness began to ebb in from all sides and the picture rippled like water.

“Aria be careful.” his voice ebbed into her mind and swirled around her thoughts as the tone soothed her. “Who are you?” she whispered as she finally gave in and closed her eyes.

His chiselled features flashed before her for a brief moment and she tried to reach out to touch him but then he was gone. “I will come for you.” she heard faintly as she let go.

“Aria? Aria wake up! Are you alright?”

A familiar voice cut through her consciousness and Aria opened her eyes slowly.

“Carolina.” she murmured as she sat up, the pain in her head now gone. “I had such a strange dream, I thought that I..”

Aria suddenly caught sight of the figure sitting hunched over a small fire, playing dice with Mandar. “No…” she whispered as he looked up and caught her gaze.

The End

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