The Attic Of Lost Things (The History of The Attic)

Ok so I used to have this as a collab, it died out, I got bored, and decided to totally reinvent it but kept most of the original ideas :)


Once upon a time there was peace in The Attic, the Matrilani family ruled over the seven lands with true care and the people loved them. But as with all good things, this time was to come to an end.

There was an evil growing in the heart of the Attic, like a festering wound that could not be cured. The Trickster, Lord of all Evil, had decided that the time was right to rise up from the ashes of the Tór mountains and destroy the Matrilani's for good.

The two youngest Matrilani boys were murdered and all was apparently lost, with the rest of the family being too old to continue the bloodline. It was then that Lorea Matrilani stepped forward, and took matters into her own hands.

Aria looked out across The Vale's forest and twirled her long blonde hair around her finger. It was going to be a cold winter in Larathia, and she didn't look forward to the work her father was going to make her do. He seemed to think that because she was a woman, she would be naturally able to sew and knit, cook, clean, all the other things that her mother and sisters could do.

She looked back at the village and smiled as she saw one of the leaders playing Dice. It had to be Mandar. He was a kind man, very loyal as Aria had found out. He believed that everyone was born good and that evil was a disease. If only life were that simple… she shook her head and laughed a little to herself. Mandar, what an innocent man he seemed, and yet he could always tell when someone wasn’t completely trustworthy. He was also an extremely skilled fighter, and a fierce one at that, she involuntarily thought back to the village games and shuddered. Mandar sometimes got a little too into the combat zone and was frightening. On instinct Aria pulled her cloak around her tighter and toyed with the pendant that hung around her neck. She still had no idea what it meant, but her parents had given it to her on her seventeenth birthday and told her that one day, she would understand it's secrets. She looked down at her hands and her soft, flawless skin made her once again begin to wonder why it was that she was expected to only perform menial tasks around the house.

Unfortunately, before she had anymore time to contemplate her apparent uselessness, she heard the alarm bells sounding from the town and turning her back on the forest, she hitched up her skirts and ran towards the bell tower in the town square.


The End

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