The atomic tomb.

A group of ex-cops want to save the planet from total atomic destruction. But first they have to gather the only remaining liquids from the world's best guarded housing facility. A facility owned by the most ruthless leader of our times.

The sound was deafening. The alarm had been triggered way too early. Red and blue lights performed a continuous dance of warning from floor, to wall, to ceiling.

Tom immediately knew something was wrong. Very wrong.

Hagan Lacy was protecting the panic button when the first slug hit her directly from behind. Luckily, the second slug whistled past her head inside her atomic protective suit. It smashed directly into ‘Big Red’ – the name given to the alarm button she was assigned to protect. To protect at all costs; and to activate only once all the cargo had been safely packed into the waiting trucks at the loading bays.

A third slug went straight through the bulletproof glass casing housing one of the world’s deadliest liquids.

Hagan heard the hiss from where she was lying on the floor. Before she blacked out, Sargent Hagan Blythe Lacy, felt someone standing over her. “Tom, is that you?” she could barely force out between her rasping breaths.

Another shot rings out.

The End

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