Kiara Middleton (age 10) is a clinically insane girl who murders her family, and is put in an asylum where she loses control and slowly loses all sanity. (1800's)

As the rain began to pour Kiara arrived home. Her mother glared icily as the child closed the door and sauntered towards the stairs.  "Kiara! Your coat is disgusting, can't you keep at least one thing clean?" Her mother began to scold over nothing, trying deliberately to aggravate her daughter. Kiara rolled her eyes and looked at her mother coolly. "Mother, if you don't shut up it will be your blood on my coat. And it was bought this morning, I haven't had time to dirty it." As her mother stood up the young girl pulled out a pair of scissors, then took a step forwards. She turned and ran to her bedroom, the bow on the outside of her coat flying in the wind, the child leaned against the door,wishing her mother to come and follow her. Her mother (Charlotte Middleton) lifted her skirts and walked slowly up the staircase. The woman began walking to her own bedroom, giving up on all efforts of making her daughter perfect in her eyes. "Kiara? When you want to be a good girl you kn-" Charlotte was cut off as her daughter held the scissors to her jugular, the blade gently pressed in, but didn't pierce the skin. "I suggest you be a good girl mother. You may have a painless death if you do! Don't speak. Not a word." the child began to giggle madly as her mother trembled. "K-Kiara, put the scissors down, you don't know what you're doi-" The child's mother stopped mid-sentence as the weapon was driven into her throat. As her mother's blood began to spill Kiara threw her head back, laughing gleefully. "I told you to behave Mother! But you wouldn't listen to silly little Kiara would you? Little,stupid,Kiara!" Charlotte slumped as the child dug the scissors further into the woman's throat. Blood sprayed over the young being. Minutes after, the child held the scissors whilst sitting in her mother's blood. The adult lay, the whites of her eyes visible and blood still slowly pouring from her neck. 

A few days after there was a knock just as Kiara awoke, she slid out of her bed and padded to the stairs. Whoever was knocking seemed to be impatient. The knocking increased and the child ran to the door, the pulled it open. She stopped when she noticed it was the police.  "Miss Kiara Middleton? Do you know where your mother is?" The policeman spoke with a loud voice, which would normally scare children, but Kiara stood still, smiling up at the policeman. "Why yes, I apologize  for the blood. She was...messy." The child began laughing but the male looked at her, then the bloodstains on her dress. "Kiara, did you KILL your mother?" He looked on wards with alarm, then gently grabbed the child's arm. A small giggle emitted as the young female pulled out her pair of bloody scissors. "I'm not right in the head Sir,I hear voices...they want me to kill you." The officer took the scissors and bundled the child in his arms. "Kiara, you are a danger to society, you're going to an asylum."

The End

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