The Assassions Haunted PastMature

I sighed and flicked the safety off my Glock.

My breathing is calm, controlled, my heartbeat is also calm and beating sure and steady beats.

I peeked around the corner to see if there were guards there.

Two guards stood in front of double doors, with their feet braced apart, hands on their gun holsters and eyes flickering into every shadow. I knew that they couldn’t see me, but that didn’t stop me from taking a quick step backward, going deeper into the shadows.

I reached down to my thigh sheath and slid out the dagger that rested there. With a quick and practised flick of my wrist I sent it flying toward the guard that was closer to me. The dagger flew through the air in deadly and silent precision, and implanted inside the guards jugular with a wet and mutedthunk, a shower of crimson shot from his throat and a crack of bullets firing from the gun he held in the hand that I couldn’t see.

I leaped out of the shadows and took the second guard, whom was standing over his fallen comrade in open-mouthed surprise; I grabbed his arm and pulled him toward me in a violent jerk. I quickly disarmed him and executed him with a clean snap of his neck.

I slowly lowered him to the ground; I collected my dagger and quickly cleaned the blade before striding toward the back of the building.

I ignored the closed double doors because I know that nothing but a storage closet was behind them. As I rounded the corner I was bombarded by the reek of death, dried blood and human manure.

I flinched and found myself skidding in a bright puddle of more blood. I righted my footing and carefully danced around the wet puddles, only standing in the dried smudges. I stilled at the sight of bloodied footprints leading away from one of the puddles of blood. I crouched down and saw that the footprints were female…

I smiled a grim smile and slowly rose to my feet.

The bloodied footprints led me to the main security office, and then continued on behind the closed door where I knew my reason for coming here hid.

My smile widened as I strode toward the door. I grasped the handle and rattled it. I laughed softly at the unmistakable sound of a weapon being locked and loaded sounded through the door. I raised my Glock and unsheathed my dagger again.

Okay Leosandra, it’s time to shine, I thought to myself in wry amusement.

I took a couple deep breaths to calm the excited jitter of my heart and easily slipped into my killers’ skin without hesitation. Once I was calm and focused, I looked around for something that would help to break down the door, but no such luck. I’m going to have to get in the old fashioned way.

I crept toward the door and plastered myself against the wall.

“Why are you hiding behind the door Mo’nique? Are you scared that I’m going to kill you?” I taunted.

Mo’nique Myles is wanted for three counts of manslaughter, two counts for drug trafficking and four for dealing in deadly weaponry. The police couldn’t get a good hold on her so they requested help from Harmoney’s Protection Services, also known as H.P.S. Randall Harmoney, whom is my boss; has his fingers in so many pies that he could have a bake sale and there would still be more to sell. He has a very wide circle of friends and is a very dangerous enemy to have. He helps the police when things get too sticky for them to handle and they give him free rein to do pretty much do whatever it takes, even killing anyone who gets in the way of our bullets, including the target. So here I am, just one door away from killing Mo’nique Myles, and yes, she deserves to be killed because I know for a fact that the world will be better off without her and second, I’m following Randall’s orders, and I quote; ‘leave no one alive.’ So I will do my damned best to make sure that Mo’nique Myles gets in the way of my weapon, so that she can be good and dead for the nice police men to collect their felon and tell the world about it.

“Of course I think you’re going to kill me! You killed my guards and now you’re gunning for me! I will not go down without a fight!” Mo’nique screeched.

I side stepped as bullets came tearing through the door, sending bits of wood and paint flying through the air.

When she paused to re-load, I flicked the safety off my Glock and swept into the room. I ducked behind a bank of computers as another shower of bullets cracked through the room. I ignored the slight ringing in my ears and listened for her pause to re-load again.

I sprang up and sent my dagger flying toward her. When it imbedded into her forearm, I hustled over to her and with a moment’s hesitation I fired at close range. The bullet exploded into her forehead and poured muck out of the back of her head. I winced at the spray of blood and brains when the bullet through the bone and soft brain tissue, and the sound of the wet thud of her landing face-up with a look of terror forever frozen on her face. I bent toward the now deceased Mo’nique Myles and retrieved my knife. I slowly wiped the blade off on her clothes and unclipped my phone from my belt and dialled Randall.

I moved away from the cooling body of Mo’nique and sat at the desk that rested on the other side of the room and put my booted feet up on the surface of the desk. When Randall finally answered his phone I automatically straightened.

“This better be good Leosandra.” He said tersely.

“I’m done here.” I replied coolly.

I put the safety back on my Glock, holstered it and twirled my knife on the desk top.

“Good.” Randall stated. “Please tell me that you didn’t make a mess and the reason you’re calling me is for a clean-up crew to come out.” He said wearily.

I laughed softly and shook my head.

 Well that depends on what you call messy, boss. But if you’re asking if I had fun? Well no, I didn’t. And do you want to know why?” I asked bitterly.

But before he could respond I answered for him.

“This one was too easy. It’s almost as if they wanted to be killed and on top of all of that, everyone but two guards was dead long before I even showed up here. It looks as if Mo’nique killed them all herself and locked herself in the office to hide. I don’t get it, killing her was way too easy. Something is not right here boss, I can feel it.” I told Randall seriously.

I got out of the desk chair and doubled back to where I killed the two guards. I paused and slowly studied the scene in front of me.

If you ignore all of the blood, the room was deep velvet red, with a high cream ceiling and dimly lit wall sconces. The carpet looked to be white and fluffy, but it’s hard to tell with all of various guns and ammo, the south wall is a display of surveillance equipment and on the north wall is the double doors, they were guarding.

I jumped at the sudden sound of Randall’s sharp voice in my ear.

“So what you’re saying is that Mo’nique herself killed all but a few of her guards and then hid behind a closed and locked door?” He asked in disbelief.

I opened my mouth to reply but he spoke before I could form words.

“Not only doesn’t it make any sense but there has to be something going that we don’t know about yet. Look around the perimeter and see what you find. I want a full report on my desk in the morning. Don’t screw this up Leosandra.” He growled then disconnected.

“You’re so very welcome, boss.” I muttered under my breath.

I heaved a sigh and glanced around me again.

Shaking my head in disgust and resignation I got to work, sifting through what was left of the mansion and tried to look for the answers that I knew are not going to be here.

Sometimes, I really despise my job.

The End

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