The Rose of JulietMature

First, I'd better explain some things. You're not going to find out my name. I'm keeping that and most everything else about who I am a secret. There are some memories I'd like people to have of me. There are more I'd like them not to have. If you never knew it, you can't remember it. If you can't remember it, you can't hold it against me.

Can't argue with logic like that, can you?

Anyways, our group was a, well, feminist group. I mean really feminist. The Abraham Lincoln assassination: really us. That just shows you how well we can cover our tracks. I'll bet you've never heard of us, either. Although we've existed throughout history. Overthrowing leaders at times when it's convenient for out secrecy. Whenever we can do it and blame it on somebody else. I've heard stories that have been passed down from Juliet to Juliet that you wouldn't believe.

By the way, that's what we call ourselves. The very formal name of the entire organization is 'The Rose of Juliet.' As in Romeo and. Because Juliet died because some stupid guy. It wasn't always our name but it's been around since Shakespeare. Not many sisters tell each other their names. As I'm sure you can imagine, being with assassins all the time makes you a little paranoid. So we call all our sisters Juliet. Unless you earn the trust of one. Then you hold their life in your hands.

Anyways, I've heard stories passed down from the age of the Hapsburg and Ottoman empires. Times were good back then. Back when we could blame nationalists for everything. Now it's a little harder; but we find ways.

Our main goal is to insert women in the higher up positions of government and such. Men were too stupid to do anything. At least, that's what they taught me throughout my entire existence.

Until I met Amon.

The End

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