Assassin's Orders: Follow or Die.

Michael watched the leader, Aron, walk among his deadly soldiers, looking into their eyes and inspecting the amulets around their necks. He stopped before a man with a scar that run form his jaw to his temple.

"Do you remember what I told you about following orders, David?" the black robed man hissed, forcing the unfortunate man to look into his eyes. The assasin's fear showed plainly, and he nodded his head.

"Then you will know that I have no mercy on those who disobey me. When the Assassin King gives orders, you follow them or die. Understood?" The man's head nodded more violently, and "King" Aron turned and pointed at a younger man in the front row of soldiers. "Kill him." The girl Michael had seen before, Jean, drew a knife from her belt and threw it deftly through the man's chest. He fell like a stone. The "King" smiled viciously and patted Jean's shoulder, his mouth close to her ear

"Well done," he crooned. "Well done." He strode to the table and lifted a sealed scroll , grinning even more viciously than before and slit the seal. Every eye in the room was on him, and his unfurled the scroll.

"This," Aron hissed, "Is the list of those who will die. The thing they all have in ocmmon is the simple fact I have never so much as talked to them in my life. They can not be traced back to me in any way. Which means, naturally, I am a genius." he looked expectantly at his assassins, and they had already begun nodding, agreeing. He smirked. "Good..."

"Now, each of you will be assigned a name. They must be dead before the sun rises tomorrow. And this, my friends, is just the beginning." He spread his arms wide and laughed evily, throwing his head back, and the eachoes faded long after he had turned to meet the first assasin's eye.

"You will kill Gregory Walischuck." The assassin nodded blankly.

"You will kill Alice Black."

Michael's brian had stalled and the names of all those condemned to early deaths slid through one ear and out the other, until one name was spoken.

"... Rose Malory." Michael's heart skipped a beat.

No! Not her! Anyone but her! his mind cried. His concious answered impatiently.

Warn her then, you idiot! Michael was already wondering if he would be too late. These assassins did not seem to be waiting around.The murderer assigned to kill the girl he loved was already slipping out the door, and there were many assassin's still crowding the room. He waited.

I'll do her no good if I die before I can warn her. But neither will I do her any good if she dies before I can warn her... Oh God, help us....

The assassin's continued to leave, until only the "King" remained.

"You are a genius, Aron," he smirked. "A genius!" He raised his hands again and laughed.

I'd say he's more of a pervert than a genius, Michael thought darkly. How the heck was he going to warn Rose in time?

The End

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