The Assassin's Meeting

Chapter 7

Michael walked down the streets feeling dejected and more than a little confused. He tried to shrug it off, to tell himself that Rose didn't matter that much to him, but he knew it was a lie. he couldn't even bring himself to move back into his pickpocket mood now that her lecture was freshly back in his mind.

A picture of the corpse he had seen the day before flooded back into his mind, and he shivered as he saw the evil man leaning over it, smiling viciously. His words echoed in Michael's head.

Tomorrow there will be a meeting like never before, and after that Grailin won't know what hit it...

Suddenly another picture came to mind. Rose's body, laid out on the floor, blood pouring from a knife wound in her chest, skin pale, heart no longer beating. He stopped midstep, realization hitting him.

If that meeting happened... Rose could be killed, along with many others. Without another moments thought, he turned and sprinted towards the palace.


He arrived at the castle wall out of breath and leaned against it, clutching a stitch in his side. I was not yet noon, but he wasn't sure when the meeting was. he needed to get in, and fast.

Michael slid silently into the shadow of the wall, and slid his finger along one of the cracks between the stones. He glanced around quickly and saw no one. he climbed, a spiderlike figure hidden in the shadow of the wall, sliding his thin fingers into the cracks. He slid onto the top of the wall. the guard's back was to him.

He swung his fist aorund and hit the man in the temple, wincing as the body hit the stone with a loud thud.

"Sorry, man, but this is for the greater good." he leapt carefully over the other side of the wall and grabbed a tree branch. The only people near him were gardeners, and they both seemed absorbed in their work. He slid down the tree and landed silently in the grass. There was a secret entrance in the west wing near the inner wall.... He could get there if he avoided the main path.

He slid into a copse of trees and waited for the guard who patrolled to pass. Then he ran. He pressed against the wall again, scarcely daring to breathe, as one of the gardeners turned around. It took him ten minutes to reach the west wing.

1...2...3...4...5 up, he counted silently tapping the stones. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8 right. He pressed the stone inwards, and there was a click as part of the wall moved away. He darted in and pushed the hidden door back into place. He was in.

He darted throguh the passage, pulling out his counterfeit identification as palace staff again. He would avoid the kitchen this time. No one stopped him as he strode purposefully through the hall, trying to seem as if he belonged there.

It didn't take long to reach the tower. he looked aorund anxiously and swept away the tapestry. The stone door opened silently, and he slipped through into the black passage.

the room was empty, and he hid behind the tapestry he had hidden behind before. he didn't have to wait long.

The villainous man strode in, caressing his chin with an eivl glint in his eyes. he had three scrolls tucked under his arm and a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Today you are going to become the most powerful man in the world, Aron," he muttered to himself, pinning the scrolls to the table so they lay flat. They were filled completely with tiny writing, and accented with maps. The man chuckled. "Today all your dreams will be fufilled." he scurried to the cabinet in the corner and fished an emerald amulet out of the box there. he turned around, caressing it.

"Come, my sweets," he hissed. "Come." The amulet glowed bright green, and in flashes of green light, the assassins began to arrived, each dressed in black, eyes blank of emotion, and scars on every right arm. The leader, with his malicious grin, spoke.

"The Assassin's Creed is ready... Tonight we change the world."

Michael froze with fear once more, something he was not used to doing. He was in a room with only one exit, with over a hundred bewitched assassins. And his courage was beginning to fade.

The End

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