The Assassin's CreedMature

It's a sort of 'diary' an assassin wrote before she died. She writes completely in the past tense, as if she were already dead, and the entire 'diary' is a way of showing people how awful her network of assassins is so that they can take them down. Her network consists of female killers who kill men in power.

I didn't choose this life. Let's get that out into the open right now. It wasn't my choice. Ok?

Now that we all understand each other, I'm an assassin. Actually, I was an assassin. Wait, don't freak or anything like that. I'm dead. Calmed down now? I was born to an assassin and raised as an assassin. Killing is in my blood. My blood's just not in my body right about now. Hehe, that was sorta morbidly funny.


If you're reading this you were on my hitlist..... Ok, not really. I really really wanted to say that, though. I just think you're one of the few people who could take down the rest of the network of assassins. Surprise, surprise: an assassin who isn't loyal to anyone. I know: gasp! Anyways, I didn't necessarily want to be part of some killing group. But once you're in, you never get out and, again, I had no choice!

Look, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't seriously disagree with what the leader of our was doing. I've already warned the few I don't want to get caught, I do have some loyalty to the closest thing I've ever had to a family, but the rest can go die. They would be dead if I hadn't made a stupid mistake and, well, I suppose I'd better start at the beginning.

I was on a mission. A mission to kill the pope.

The End

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