Being Stalked



“The Celands” He said, almost disgusted to utter the word “Are a group of incredibly powerful demons, who together possess the power and ability to destroy anything that stands in their path. They feel no guilt and are void of all morality, which makes them perfect for their jobs.” A confused look spread over the assistants face, which had since recovered from her abash state. “Their jobs?” She asked, enthralled. Denzel took a deep breath in.  “The Celands were created for one single cause- to find the Core Gem. Are you aware of what the Core Gem is?” He asked patiently. The assistant replied confidently “Yes, the Core Gem is a shard broken from the core of a now destroyed-or rather imploded-planet. No one has seen it since it landed in one of Area 51’s hangars and was took by some kind of entity.” She finished, looking slightly proud of herself. Denzel was impressed. “Well done, I hadn’t expected you to know that much about it. Is it part of your case study?” He questioned, and she nodded slowly. “Thank you Mr. Avens, this has really helped” She said, standing up to leave and smiling softly. She reached out and shook his hand, before dashing off inside, pen and clipboard flailing madly.

Denzel was just beginning to regain the feeling in his legs, when a freezing cold chill passed over him.

He wasn’t alone.

A wild scream was emitted from behind, and Denzel was blasted powerfully into a nearby forest. He quickly stood, barely avoiding a stream of black energy by sheer chance. He could not see a thing, and when he finally could, he regretted it. 

Before him stood something that looked like a cross between a werewolf and a harpy. Loading his USP, Denzel began to move backwards, never taking his eyes from the beast. Denzel locked sights with it, and roaring demonically, it pounced.

The End

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