The Assassin

Hey, i'm Alex and i'm new to this site.
Anyway, this is my first decent WIP story, comments and constructive criticism always appreciated. No chapter titles as of yet, so instead they're numbered. Enjoy :)

1: Spot Twice, Shoot Once

The man perched himself on a small patch of tiles at the top of the building. He had been following his target for 2 entire months, and for what; a 10 second job for some easy money? “No“, he thought to himself. He brushed a hand through his infinitely black hair, feeling the sweat from the sheer anticipation of what he was about to do. 


At the same time, the target sat inside a posh restaurant, enjoying a portion of cheesecake. His name was Teuril Mensuta, and he was a well respected businessman. Unfortunately, Teuril tended to do as he willed, regardless of who he offended. Little did he know that this meal would be his last, and as he exited the restaurant, the assassins plan commenced.


The door to the restaurant swung open and the man who had been so calm instantly reacted. Standing, he proceeded to  jump from the top of the building, snatching a small, slender H&K USP from his trouser pocket and shooting once. The bullet hit with perfect accuracy to the forehead.

Of the wrong man.

The assassin landed softly on the floor, distributing his weight. “Denzel Avens. I should have know it.” Teuril said, his voice tainted with hatred. “What is your problem with me?” He asked, never breaking eye contact. Denzel found it hard to match this, but still spoke softly and calmly. “I know what your doing Mensuta. I know all about your plans to bring back the Celands.” Teuril glared at him. “What’s your point?” He whispered after what felt like an eternity to Denzel. “The point is” Denzel replied, raising his pistol “That you aren’t going to see tomorrow.”

Another bullet was fired, and the now silent and still corpse of Teuril Mensuta dropped to the floor.

The End

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