The Predator becomes the Prey.

 11:30 AM Bus Station

Terrance Quibell tapped his foot impatiently. He was furious. As the steadily decreasing crowd of people in the area departed, Terrance thought of the police questioning that he had to endure. An officer named Officer Gonzales clearly told him that she could keep him at the station, until he told them everything he knew. Terrance let out a sigh. He remembered the horrible event he witnessed, though he wished he hadn't.

"And to think that they told me this was a safe city." He said to himself. "Ya right!" He then glanced at his watch, checking to see if his bus to Toronto would arrive soon. Suddenly he felt another prescence in the area. He turned around and came face to face with a tall man. The man was covered in tattos and the look he gave him sent shivers down his spine. Suddenly the man brought his hand up, grabbing Terrance's neck and pinning him to the ground. He raised his other hand, attached to it was a long blade like weapon.

"An Emeici knife, like the kind shaolin monks used!" Terrance thought. He had seen them once before, at a  museum. He never thought that he would see one up close. He began to squirm, kicking and flinging his feet but to no avail. The man that pinned him down was just too strong. 

"Do not fear Mr. Quibble. This will be painless." Xu Huang said. Terrance let out a muffled scream as the Emeici was brought down on his skull. Xu Huang pulled out his weapon. He then cleaned it on Terrance's body, then turning to face Giavonni waiting impatiently in a car nearby.

"Let's go already." Giavonni yelled.

Xu Huang spat on the ground. " Patience is a great virtue Giavonni." He then made his way towards the car, at a slower pace. Giavonni rolled his eyes and honked the car horn. Through the blaring Giavonni began to ponder about the well being of Maikeru. He and Xu Huang had been sent to find then assasinate him. However unbenowst to Kontastin and Xu Huang, Giavonni knew exactly where Maikeru was. He could not bear to kill the young man who he had raised alongside with Da Qiao.

"I remember when I first took them in." Giavonni thought, still holding his hand over the car horn...

"Hey Da, look what i can do!" a young Maikeru yelled.

"What is it Maikeru?" Da Qiao asked. She wore glasses, like she did now but her hair was up to half of her back, much longer than before. She put her book down as the reckless, black haired boy with brown eyes climbed a large tree. "Be careful Maikeru!" Da Qiao warned. Suddenly the branch snapped. Maikeru then began falling towards the ground. As Da Qiao yelled in horror, a young man leaped out of nowhere, grabbed Maikeru in mid-air and rolled to the gorund, boy in hand.

The man sat Maikeru on his feet. "You alright kid?" a younger me asked. My hair was blonde, and dirty and messy. Maikeru nodded, eyes wide open in awe. Da Qiao ran over and hugged Maikeru.

"Thank you kind sir." she said to Giavonni.

"How'd you do that mister? Maikeru asked, Da Qiao still clinging tom him.

"Lotta practice kid."  I replied. As i began to walk away the two children came up to me. They asked me if they could come home with me. At first i dismissed them, but after they told me they were orphans, i brought them in and raised them as my own. They became skilled fighters, which allowed them to join the Assasin's Cult, the company I was employed in. For a while everything was okay. Sure Maikeru had his screw ups now and then but my brother, Kontastin was just. Until now at least...

"Alright I'm here!" Xu Huang yelled at Giavonni. This snapped him back to reality. "Come on, we still got two more people, then we find that brat Maikeru." Giavonni whacked Xu Huang upside the head. The two were still arguing after the car began to run.

12:00 AM Da Qiao's apartment

Da Qiao was sprawled on her bed, reading yet another novel. She finished reading her first book and moved on to her second, to take her mind of Maikeru.

"Edward's soft voice came from behind me. I turned to see him spring lightly from up the porch steps, his hair winblown from..." Da Qiao read, suddenly interrupted by a door bell ring. She got up from her bed and walked towards the door. When she opened it she gasped. There standing in front of her was Maikeru.

"Can i come in?" Maikeru asked.

S..Sure." Da Qiao stammered. Maikeru walked inside, closing the door behind him. He walked to her bed and found a book, half opened.

"Still reading that umm... Twilight series?" Maikeru questioned.

Da Qiao giggled. "Correct." Da Qio sat on her bed beside Maikeru.

"So what's Kontstin's decision? Is he going to kill me?" Maikeru asked. Da Qiao lay her head on Maikeru's shoulder.

"Mhhm." she answered sadly. "You have to leave Maikeru. Please."

"I know," Maikeru began. "But i have to tell you something, before i leave." Maikeru placed his hands on Da Qiao's shoulders. Maikeru gave a dry laugh. "Man I'm not sure how i'm going to say this..."

Da Qiao moved her hands into Maikeru's. "Come on, we've known each other for a long time, you can tell me."

Maikeru sighed. "Da Qiao, i like you. Alot."

Da Qiao began to blush. "Of c..course, I like you too.

"No Da Qiao," Maikeru said, leaning closer to Da Qiao. "Not like as in friends but like as in love. I've loved you for a while Da, ever since we were teenagers." Da Qiao now began to blush more violently than before.

"R..Really?" she asked. She also began to lean closer to Maikeru's face. Soon their noses were touching. They both let out a laugh. Suddenly Da Qiao closed her eyes and puckered her lips. Now Maikeru began to blush, but that did not stop him, for he also closed his eyes and met Da Qiao's lips with his own. They begato kiss furiously, both kissing with a fiery passion. Suddenly they both lay on the bed. They began to become more intimate, until outside Da Qiao's room, a passing janitor heard a man and women moaning...

01:30 PM

Da Qiao woke up, feeling wonderful. She closed her eyes again, remembering that only an hour ago, she and the love her life, Maikeru made love.

"Maikeru!" she suddenly exclaimed. She sat straight up, then looked around. However, she couldn't find him. For a horrible second she thought that Maikeru had been kidnapped. However she quickly recalled that thought, realizing that Maikeru was too clever and strong to give in without a fight. She then sat straight up, stripped her clothes off and headed off to take a shower. As she stripped her clothes off, she saw a note lying near her book. She picked it up and read what was inside.

Dear Da Qiao,

My love, I am sorry i had to leave so soon. I had alot of fun this hour. However I must leave with haste, as Giavonni called and told me they were heading here soon. I don't want you to get hurt so please, after reading this note, please hide it. I wish i could tell you where i am going  but that would harm the both of us. I love you Da Qiao. One day when this is all over, maybe we could start anew, buy a house and start a bookstore, something you've always wanted.

Until then my love, Maikeru

Tears began to run down Da Qiao's face. "Until we meet again my love, until we meet again." she said to herself, staring out the window. She then went into her bathroom, hopefully washing her troubles away.

Outside the building Maikeru stared at Da Qiao's apartment window. A single tear ran down his face as he cocked his 9mm pistol. Something told him that the assasin, the great hunter would now become the prey.


The End

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