The Assasins Lair

7:00AM Abandoned warehouse, far southern area of Peterborough

Russel's happy mood greatly contrasted the abandoned building on the far western outskirts of town. It was a dark and abandoned place, giving off a very depressing vibe. A blue truck parked at the front door and out stepped the assassin. He then took off his jet black shades and stared at the rusted gate in front of him. He pulled a lever near the gate and then a microphone appeared.

"Allo?" said the voice of a woman.

"Florence it's me let me in." the assain responded.

"Alright sir." the voice started. As the gate opened the voice continued. "Kontastin isn't in, a how do you say, tres bon mood."

"That figures." the assassin said. He stepped back into his truck and drove into the warehouse. Once he arrived in four figures greeted him. A medium sized young woman with blonde hair and green eyes was on the far right. She was wearing a torn jean shirt with torn jean short shorts. Beside her was a tall, hulking man. He had a blond Mohawk, dread locked beard and a large tattoo on his right arm. He wore clothes identical to those a biker would wear. To his left stood a man about the assassin’s height, wearing camo pants but no shirt. He had a very muscled body, which was covered with tattoos of a tiger, dragon and other ensembles. He had a baldhead with Chinese symbols drawn across it. The final figure was a young woman with black hair streaked with red. She had her reading glasses on and looked very scared.

The blonde haired woman, Tamara Smith spoke first. "Kontastin's pissed at you, jackass."

"What you did put us all in danger," the biker, Giavonni Bellic spoke in a deep voice.

"You have dishonored the creed again!" the tattooed man Xu Huang shouted.

"Why did you do this again Maikeru?" the young woman, Da Qiao asked, hands trembling.

Suddenly a tall figure approached the four figures from behind. He wore a sleevelss shirt like Maikeru, but had gray camoflauge pants. An eyepatch covered his left eye, and he had buzzed cut hair. The cigar in his mouth gave him the appearence of a wealthy man. For a moment, the four people in fornt of him stood still. The young woman with glasses began to tremble.

"Hey, settle down kiddo." The biker man spoke, in a quiet tone. The tall man behind them sudden;y spoke, his voice as loud as thunder.

"Maikeru!" he yelled. "Again you have failed to live up to my expectations." Maikeru bowed his head low.

"I'm sorry Kontastin, It won't happen again." Maikeru spoke, head still bowed low.

"That isthe same excuse you have given, twice!" Kontastin explouded. His face had turned red and his eyes were wide. " Every time you expose us the the world, we must retreat back into the shadows! Do you think it is easy to carve new identities for you, Tamara, Giavonni, Xu Huang, Da Qiao, and myself?"

Maikeru's head was still bowed low, his face unchanged by Kontastin's rant. Suddenly Xu Huang spoke.

"Kontastin, I beleive that Maikeru has been foregiven once too many times."  Tamara nodded.

"I agree," she began. "I say we kick the free loader out!"

"No!" Da Qiao suddenly houted. She quickly placed her hands over her mouth. Her skin was turning a deep red colour. Kontasin opened his mouth to speak when Giavonni put a hand on his shoulder.

"Brother Kontastin let's not be too hasty, after all Maikeru is one of our best operatives and..."

"No." Kontastin interrupted. " Brother i know Maikeru is like a son to you, but he has failed us for the last time. Maikeru stand!" Maikeru stood up straight, his fists clenched waiting for the final decision. It was either he stayed or he was banished.

"Go Maikeru, and never return." Kontastin commanded. Giavonni gasped. Da Qiao began to weep silently, her tears slowly dripping down her face. Maikeru stared, mouth open with disbelief. As Giavonni pleaded with his father, Tamara and Xu Huang attempted to console Da Qiao. She merely pushed them away and ran towards Maikeru. She then embraced him, tears pouring down her brown eyes.

"Don't go Maikeru-chun." she begged.

"I'm sorry Da Qiao, but they're right," Maikeru began. "I have failed too many times. Therefore i must go." Da Qioa began to loosen her hug when Maikeru pulled her closer. Their bodies were now so close, a piece of paper could be put between them and would not fall. Maikeru closed his eyes while Da Qiao's eyes were wide open. Her cheeks begun to blush violently. When they suddenly parted Da Qiao quickly ran towards a door in the garage. She opened it and turned to see Maikeru one last itme before she left. So Maikeru began to walk to his truck when he stopped. He turned around and pressed a button on his wrist. The hidden kife and his glove popped out. He then passed it to Giavonni.

"Keep it safe for me." he sated. He then made his way to his truck. In a few minutes, Maikeru Hoshikake left the safety of his fellow companions, his brothers and sisters in arms. He left the Assasins, never to return. Tamara then left the garage nad exited the door Da Qiao had exited. Only Xu Huang, Giavonni and Kontastin were standing in the garage. Kontastin then turned to his fellow assasins and spoke.

"You realize what must happen. Maikeru must be silenced, lest the Order be jepordized. Xu Huang smiled and chuckled but Giavonni had a look of horror on his face.


The End

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