To catch an assasin.

6:10 AM Motel

The motel, once a quiet and peaceful place was now abuzz with activity. Dozens of policecars were there, along with police officers, and CSI empoyees. As these people moved about the scene gathering evidence and questioning witnesses, a black Ford mustang parked near the motel lobby. Out stepped Russel McClung, an FBI agent. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was a shaven man, and one in tip top physical shape. He wore a back suit, which had a 9mm pistol strapped on his pants just in case situation called it. He walked towards the lobby when he glanced at a group of forensic specialist examining the body. He stopped and listened to what they were analyzing.

"According to the maggots on this body, time of death was probably around 1:00 am to 2 am." one man said.

"The stab on the vistim's head indicate that a long knife like tool was used." a woman added.

"The final scientist gazed at the body for a moment. "It seems that the murder weapon pierced straight through the left cerebral hemishpere, all the way out to the parietal lobe."

Russel thought for a moment. "To make a wound like that the killer must've had a a short sword or long knife. Then again the vic' would've spotted him already before that happened. So how..."

Suddenly a voice pierced Russel's thoughts.

"Russel my dog, it's been too long!"

As Russel turned around to see who had called him, he saw a tall, well built man with short black hair approaching. He wore a black jacket with jeans. Like Russel's gun, the man's gun was strapped to his right side.

"Lucas Davie Bryant, it's been too long!" Russel shouted back, smiling. Once the two men had come face to face, Lucas gave Russel a high five. Russel responded back likewise.

"Man it's good to see you again Rus," Lucas began.

"Like wise my friend, Russel responded. The two then began to talk of light heatred things, such as what they had accomplished since university. Lucas began to talk about how he had married his girlfriend, Penny and now had 2 kids.

"So what have you been up to? Seeing some lucky lady no doubt?" Lucas questioned. Russel suddnely stopped  and pondred for a moment. He had been a valedictorian after gradutaion, he also became a police officer. After that he had been asked to join the FBI and form there he proceeded to rise as one of their top agents. But now he wondered if he, like Lucas should have started a realationship.

"Now that you mention it, I'm not really seeing anyone." Russel answered. Lucas gave him a shocked look. Although Russel knew he was just joking, the expression on his face made him chuckle. As Lucas opened his mouth to say something, a young woman with brown hair appeared behind him. Russel saw the woman had tied her hair in a ponytail. He also noticed the woman was wearing a blue shirt, and jeans. Her body was that of a sculpture, curved at all the right angles. The young woman then looked Russel in the eye. Russel quickly averted his gaze.

"Karen, I'd like you to meet my friend Russel McClung, Russel this is my partner Karen Rosalina Gonzales." Lucas inquired.

"A pleasure to meet you Mr. McClung." Karen said, holding her hand out.

Russel shook her hand. "Mister McClung actually Mrs. Gonzales.

Karen chuckled. "I am Miss Gonzales actually."

Russel flashed her a smile."O really?"

Karen smiled back. "Yes Russel, really." "She then turned to Lucas, her tone changing from casual to serious. "Lucas, I'm going back to the staition to file my report to the chief. He told me to tell you, to question any survivors.

"Wil do." Lucas said. He then turned and jogged towards the lobby. Russel looked at Karen. "Survivors?" he questioned.

"According to one of the survivors, a man walked into the lobby and demanded to know where one of the guests was staying. Naturally the manager declined his demand, so the killer shot three people in the lobby," Karen began. A group of medics carried 5 dead bodies away. Russel noticed all the victim's had been killed in the exact same area. They all had bullets between their eyes. "So once the manager told the mna where the room was, the murderer shot him. He then shot the rest of the people in the lobby and made his way to the victim's rom where we found a young woman lying dead on the bed, bullet holes in both of her eyes."

"So were there any survivors?" Russel asked.

"So far we only found three." Karen said. "The janitor, a repair man and a lucky guest who was in the bathrrom during the shooting."

Suddenly they both heard a ringing sound. Karen pulled out her cell phone and checked who the caller was. "Sorry I have to go," she said.

"It's cool." Russel responded, flashing her a smile. Karen flashed him a smile back and walked towards the parking lot.

"Hey Karen!" Rusel shouted. Karen turned around.


Russel swallowed. "You wanna go out for coffe some time?"

Karen blushed, her brown face slowly turing red. "Sure!" she called back. She then ran towards Russel and handed him a card. "That's my number and aparment adress." she said. Then she ran towards the parking lot, leaving Russel speechless and oddly in a very happy mood.

The End

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