The Assasin's Cult

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11:35 PM Downtown Peterborough.

Dick Stevens casually strolled along the sidewalk, a young lady by his side. The young lady was stone drunk, reeling and laughing at random intervals.

"So where we off to Dick honey?" she asked, eyes and head still spinning to the effects of too much alchol.

Dick chuckled. "Were going to my apartment honey, and boy am i going to knock you up good!" he shouted, patting her rear as they stopped at a stoplight. As the young lady giggled Dick couldn't help but wonder what his up tight wife would think of what he was doing. Once their relationship was a thriving one but as time went by the wild and outgoing girl he fell for became more and more of a workaholic. That added to the fact that she did not want to make love until she had secured a large sum of money caused Dick to snap. He started coming home late, visiting bars and strip clubs. Now he as sating his lust on this fine young woman.

10:00PM earlier that day

Cecilia was at home early that day, hoping to apologize to her husband Dick about being a over working woman. She loved Dick and it was tearing her inside that Dick was always patient with her and never complained about her working too long. She wanted to make this night a wild one, like their honeymoon to Hawaii was. So she went to thier dressing room, to find the lingerie that always got Dick aroused.

"Where did i put that darn thing?" Cecilia thought out loud. As she rummaged through the dresser, a note fell out off Dick's jacket. Cecilia picked up the note and read it.

"Call me some time baby-Linda" was what it read. There was a kiss attached to it, red as blood. A number and adress was written on it as well. Cecilia sat there for a moment, dumbfounded. Suddenly she crumpled the note and threw it at the wall. She then fell to the flor, crying her eyes out.

"Why Dick, why?" she yelled through tears. She dorpped her head between her arms. She lay in that spot, sobbing for almost half an hour. When she stopped she wiped the tears from her face and walked towads the phone. She held out a buisness card she was given by a young man. She remembered it well...

She was walking home from work. As she made her way to her car, a young man struggling to hold many boxes cried out for help. She quickly grabbed two boxes and helped him lift it to the back of his truck.

"Thank you very much," he said bowing his head to her. "You have Maikeru san's thanks.

"You quite welcome, my name's Cecilia by the way" She responded

She and Maikeru began to chat, about many things. Cecilia enjoyed taling to someone about the most randomest things. But it was this total stranger that she trusted things only Dick knew. When Cecilia got to talking about her husband Dick, Maikeru suddenly stopped smiling.

"Cecilia, there's something I must tell you." began.

"Okay then." Cecilia said, puzzled.

Maikeru began to talk about how he had seen a man much like Dick leave many bars with many different younger women.

Naturally Cecilia was angry at Maikeru. After a moment or so of arguing, Maikeru handed Cecilia a card.

"Although you may be right about your husband being faithful, take this card. When you find out the truth call me and i will see to it that balance is restored." he said. Before she could respond Maikeru handed her the car and got into his truck. He drove away, leaving Cecilia standing in the dust. She looked at the card. At first she wanted to throw it away, but something inside of her told her to keep it...

Cecilia dialed the number on the card.

"Hello?" a voice answered. Through the accent, Cecilia could tell it was Maikeru.

"Maikeru," she started, sobs already returning. "You were right. My husband did cheat on me."

"I see." Maikeru responded. After a minute of silence Maikeru spoke again. "What do you wish of your husband now?" he questioned.

"I wish he was dead!" she yelled, suddnely. "Him and whatever whore he's sleeping with, i wish they were dead!" She then began to cry.Maikeru began to sooth her, telling her she was wasting tears. Once she had fininshed Maikeru asked her, " Are you sure about that decision?"

"Positive." Cecilia answered. Suddenly Maikeru said something that sent chills don her spine.

"Support the strong, give courage to the needy and warn the accused, the servants of the new order have heard your plea, Let it be known on this day that through the betrayal of Linda Stevens, Dick Stevens shall rot for all eternity, He will be removed from the face of the earth, heed warning pagans the Assasin's of God have returned!" then the line went dead. Cecilia dropped the phone.

"What have i done?" she thought.

01:53 AM Motel

Dick was having a smoke outside of the building. The pretty litle wretch he had slept with was now sleeping, exausted after hours of being ravaged. He could still hear her moaing for more.

"If only Cecilia were still like this." Dick thought. He then threw his cigarette butt on the ground. As he turned to walk towards his room a young japanese man with jet black shades, black hair in the form of a fowhawk, black sleeveless shirt and black camo jeans stepped in front of him. He had a black glove attached to a large brace on his upper arm. The look on his face aws of pure malice.

"Outta my way buddy," Dick began or I'll.."

He didn't even get a chance to finish. The assailent's glove suddenly let out a click then a dagger slid into view. The assasin swung his dagger in an arc, aiming for Dick's neck. Dick just dodged it and began to run for the main lobby of the motel, screaming for help. As he approached the lobby, he stopped and caught his breath. He looked up to see if his would be kil er still there. The lot was devoid of everyone but himself.

"Phew thought i was a goner," Dick thought out loud. As he turned around he cam face to face with the assasin. A dagger through his brain cut his scream. Blood was dripping form the wound, staining the hands of the assasin. He puled his dagger out, causing Dick Steven's lifeless body to fall. The assasin wiped the blood off his knife with Dick's jacket. He then pulled out a white feather form his pocket. He ran the feather across the blood on the dead man's face, staining the feather with red.

"As long as the corruptness and injustice live on in this world, The Assasin's of God shall never rest." The assasin said to himself. He then pulled out a 9mm pistol from his back pocket and walked into the motel lobby...



The End

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