Chapter Two

Aran rushed outside, using all of the power he had in his legs to propel himself down the stairs. 

Once he'd reached the front yard, a miserable sight met his eyes. Scorch marks in peculiar patterns filled the lawn, the singed grass giving off a sickly odour. He grabbed his hair with his hands and cried out in anger, screaming meaningless words at the sky.

The only person who could have made these marks was a Dragon Sage.

'Brid. . .no way! Give her back you bastards!' Aran shouted, clutching the burnt grass in his shaking hands. Too much, far too much had happened to Aran. So much so, he was driving himself insane with grief.

something magical will occur in the graveyard tonight! That twisted, crude voice rang in his head, echoing, bouncing off the inside of his skull. 

Aran grabbed the sides of his head, shrieking loudly. Tears flowed down his face, why had this all happened to him? He was only 15 and yet, all this cruel stuff had happened to him within the space of one hour.

But to Aran, it felt like a thousand years. A thousand years of pain and anguish.

something magical will occur in the graveyard tonight! Aran opened his tightly shut eyes slowly. He knew what he had to do now. 

He had to go to the graveyard. If he went there, maybe there was a way of getting them all back? And finding Brid. Because, after all, she would have been taken in as a bride. That's what happens to women stolen by a Dragon Sage. . . your taken in as a wife, be it your decision or not.

But he had to have his Bree and Cahir back. Whatever the cost! He would take them back! He, Aran Ashling, would pull them back from the afterlife. Even if it cost him his soul.

'I'm going to find you. All of you, and we'll come back home.' He whispered, opening his hand--which was now bleeding due to Aran digging his nails in too hard-- and letting the singed grass within blow away.

He watched the blades of emerald green dance in the wind. Smiling faintly, he wiped away his tears. He just had to believe in himself, yeah, he'd pull through. He would surely get them all back. 

'My duty, as a brother. As a lover.' He sniffed, rubbing his swollen eyes. His face was puffed up and red, but he didn't care. 

'Araaaaaaaan. . . ' The wind seemed to whisper as he walked down the garden path and exited the house, it caressed his face and said his name over and over in a hushed, smooth voice.

'You. . .didn't. . .sa. . ve. . .us. . .'  These words also filled his ears, flooding all other thoughts. 

You just wait, Bree, Cahir! You'll take that back! I'm going to save you! Aran thought, the only think pushing him on towards this "thing of fear" in the graveyard was the thoughts of his loved ones. He would definatly save them!!!




The End

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