The Ashling Chronicles

In a relm where monsters run free and battles take place everyday. Aran Ashling is on a journey to find his lover, but will he find her before the ememy does? And what'll happen if he falls into the darkness on the way?!

The day before the full moon is when it all happened.

Aran Ashling had just gotten home from working at the farm, at only 15 he worked every day for 14 hours. Then he would go home and play with his younger siblings, and after that he would meet Brid, his love.

But the day before the full moon, his easy life-style all changed. 

'Bree! Cahir! I'm home!' Aran shouted though the doorway of their house. Silence was the only thing that greeted his ears, 'Bree! Cahir! I've got calico candy!'

Again, no reply. Was this a game? Surely, they were playing a game.

'Bree! Chahir! Get here right now!' He yelled, stepping through the threshold. A quite dripping noise met his ears and he walked towards the sounds curiously.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

'Behind here?' Aran muttered, pushing open the twins' bedroom door. Aran stumbled backwards, a hand over his mouth.

The two children stood in the middle of the room, holding hands. Their heads tilted sideways and their eye blank, staring forward. Their pale blonde hair dyed scarlet, their crisp white blouses stained and slightly rumpled. Aran gulped loudly and tears crept out of the corners of his eyes as he looked at them. Both their wrists and foreheads had been slip open, dried blood caked the wounds.

'Bree. . .Cahir. . .' He choked, Aran span around and vomited in the doorway, 'ugh. . '

'Bro. . .ther. . .'Cahir's voice croaked, his usual chipper tone replaced with one of no emotion.

'Cahir?! Cahir?!' Aran stood up, wiping his mouth, he rushed to the male twins' side. The little boys' pale green eyes followed Aran.

'You. . .didn't. . .sa. . ve. . .us. . .' He spat, then his eyes fluttered shut and a little bit of blood trickled from his lips.

Aran froze, shaking with fear as he looked at Bree's face, to see if there was any sign of her being alive.

Both twins' now had their eyes shut, a pained expression was foxed upon their dead faces.

As Aran sank to the floor beside his dead siblings, a scream rang out through the yard.

Brid's clear, terrified voice echoed around the clearing where Aran's house was located.

Aran jumped up and ran to the window, a large black burn mark was left upon their lawn. 

Dragon Tamers. The only thing that could have made that scorched crest is a Dragon Tamer. They were incredibly rare nowerdays. Only about a thousand left in the world. 

'Blood and Anguish, Blood and Anguish, how will our dearest Ashling cope? If roses were black and pansies grey, we could control the world come. . what. . may!'A cackling song escaped Bree's lips. Her face still blank and her eyes still shut. But her lips moved and a voice that was not hers escaped them.

'No! Whats happening?! Stop this!' Aran moaned, 'please!'

'Weakling, weakling,  our little Ashton is just a mere meekling!' A male voice taunted from Cahir's mouth.

'No! Stop it! Don't use them! Please! Stop this!'Aran cried, his face in his hands as tears streaked his face.

'Oh dear, oh dear, what have we here. A powerful awakening must be near!' Bree's mouth snickered, 'be it black or be it white, something magical will occur in the graveyard tonight!'

'What? What's going to happen!!?' Aran yelled, his face twisted with fury.

'Oh we cannot spill, we can tell nil. To see for yourself, enter that wretched place, leave behind all your health! Bring along fear, bring along pain. So the apparition before you can be seen by your eyes plain.' Cahir's lips laughed gleefully.

'I'll go! I'll go! Just don't use the twins' anymore!' Aran wept.

'See you there, but I promise, It will be worse than your most fearful nightmare!' The two voices cackled together. Bree and Cahir became silent, their once straight and rigid bodies, lost all of what was making them stand up and they flopped to the floor, their hands were still connected tightly and looking at his dead siblings wrung Arab's heart with grief.

He looked up and wiped away his tears. He would go to the graveyard, who knows, maybe the thing there was powerful enough to bring Bree and Chahir back.

Then it hit him. . .that scream!


The End

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