The Investigation Begins

General Albert Ghast arrived on the border of the incident zone and got out of the truck. He saluted his thanks to the Lieutenant who had escorted him and surveyed the scene.

Teams of scientists had setup tents and were working on various things beyond his understanding, troops were patrolling the area or laying down fencing around the blast site. A door opened on a mobile building marked "Command Centre" and a Lieutenant came up to him and saluted.

"They're calling it the worst terrorist attack since 9/11, sir. Welcome to ground zero. I'm Lieutenant Scott Renauld, I've been assigned to get you up to speed."

Albert sighed and shook his head. "Bloody media, it's not even been confirmed if it was an attack."

Scott showed the general into the command center and took a seat at one of the numerous computer panels set into the wall. He pressed the print button and then spinning around, he turned to face the General, the freshly printed report in his hand.

"The eggheads have just ruled out the possibility of an accident." He said, handing over the report. "They say nothing at the site of the incident could account for the sheer scale of destruction, nor the white light or sonic burst."

"Then what the bloody hell can account for it? I want answers, not questions Lieutenant." 

"Yes sir! The forensic team is going through the offsite surveillance backups now."

"The what?"

"After the terrorist threat level went up, Heathrow introduced realtime offsite backups of their security footage in case of terrorist attacks."

"So maybe we can see what happened! That's brilliant Lieutenant! Thanks heavens for terrorism!"

"Uhh, yeeeess sir... unfortunately, Heathrow has a lot of cameras and we don't know where exactly the blast originated so we'll have to search all the footage. We know the blast happened at approximately ten to eight yesterday morning so we have an approximate timeframe in which to search but even so the forensic teams are saying it could take days to go over all the footage."

"Damn and blast! I guess there's no helping it. Divert more manpower to sifting through the footage, see if we can't speed up the process. Do we have any news on what exactly the explosion was?"

"The bomb squad are stumped, sir. The blast radius was similar to that of a nuclear bomb but there are no traces of radiation and so far nothing seems to account for the sound people heard. There's is no wreckage, no blast zone. It's like everything for five miles was vaporised."

"Jesus Christ."

"Could be sir."

"What? Have you gone mad Lieutenant?"

"No sir! At this point, with so little information the scientists are reluctant to rule anything out. Some witnesses believe that the pure white light was Jesus Christ bringing down the Rapture upon us, and that the people at Heathrow and the surrounding area were the ones chosen to go to Heaven leaving the rest of us to-"

"I think I've heard enough of that Lieutenant. Now let me make one thing clear. I am not to be made a fool of, do you understand me? No-one will make so much as a mention of that particular theory while I'm in charge, is that clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!"


"You're blinking Lieutenant."

"What sir? No, my eyes are fine."

"No you bloody idiot, the computer behind you!"

"Ahh yes, of course sir. One moment please."

Scott spun back around on his chair and read the report as in was spewed out of the printer slot in the wall.

"Jesus Christ...." Scott muttered as he read.

"What was that Lieutenant, surely they've not confirmed your ridiculous theory!?"

"Nothing sir, but I think you'll want to see this. The forensics teams got a hit in the surveillance backups." He said, handing over the document.

Printed out was a picture of a woman bursting into shafts of pure white light. Some other people around her could just about be made out.

"Your orders sir?"

"Get every man we have on finding out who the people in this photo are! Everyone!"

The End

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