The Asheyna Incident

What if you could love something too much? What if that joy made you dangerous? What if they turned your obsession into a weapon?

On a Thursday at 07:51 GMT London Heathrow was consumed by a gigantic fireball that nobody could explain. This is the story of the events that followed.

The keys of the keyboard clacked as Andy ran his fingers across them. He couldn't believe it was happening, he'd finally get to meet his long time friend that until now, had existed solely on the other side of a computer screen.

darkliquid: you're going to go critical when you get over here. an anglophile in England, your gonna be like an alcoholic in a brewery :P

asheyna: lol

darkliquid: so when do you arrive?

asheyna: 7.45 GMT

darkliquid: cool. man, this is going to be awesome

asheyna: mhmm

asheyna: we're boarding now, see you in a few hours! *squeee!*

darkliquid: awesome, see you soon!

Andy yawned. It was getting late and he had an early morning ahead of him. He, his wife and his friend Luke were driving up to meet Ash early in the morning at Heathrow. They were going to meet some of their other friends there too, Bytey and Andrea. It was going to be a geekfest of epic proportions, he was too excited to sleep.

"You still talking to Ash?" Laura said as she shuffled into the living room, zombie-like.

"Not anymore she just got on the plane."

"You coming to bed now?"


They had an early morning ahead of them so despite the excitement they forced themselves to sleep.

0500 - Andy, Laura and Luke

Andy and Laura were rudely awakened by the sound of the door buzzer. Rubbing his eyes and frowning at the world, Andy pulled himself out of bed and looked blearily at the neon-green numbers of the clock. 0500, ugh. Then he suddenly remembered what was happening today and rushed over to pick up the receiver.

"Crap, sorry dude, we'll be right down."

"Did you just wake up? Dude, we really need to be leaving now. You were meant to be ready." Luke laughed.

"Just give us a sec, see you in a bit."

Andy hung up and dived back into the bedroom. gently he shook Laura who had gone back to sleep.

"Babe... Babe! You've got to get up now, we need to go meet Ash at the airport."

"Whuh? Andy! Why didn't you wake me up?!"

"Don't blame me sleepyhead just get up, Luke's waiting downstairs." Andy answered, pulling on some clothes.

While Laura got dressed he grabbed some stuff from the kitchen so they could have breakfast on the go and grabbed his phone from it's charger on the coffee table. After a bit of last minute fussing they scampered downstairs to Luke's car to begin the journey to Heathrow.

0745 - Bytey, Andrea and Asheyna

Bytey and Andrea stood in the arrivals area of Terminal 3 at Heathrow airport. It was the usual, annoying hustle and bustle of airport life and the bald Yorkshireman was torn between anger and excitement. Finally, to both Bytey and Andrea's relief, the announcer boomed out a welcome message.

Passengers of flight AC854 from Vancouver International Airport are currently disembarking.

Bytey frowned and whipped out his phone. The signal was pretty bad in here but he managed to get a connection. Quickly, he IM-ed Andy.

bytey: dude, Ash is getting of the plane right now? you nearly here?

darkliquid: almost there, bloody traffic, accident on the M3.

Almost as if on cue, Ash walked in with her luggage. She seemed to be positively glowing.

Unbeknownst to those around her, her head was spinning and her heart pounding. Here she was finally in England, meeting up with her Brits. Already she'd heard a number of British accents that had made her have to bite her tongue to stop herself from squealing out loud. The way people acted and moved and talked, it was all so... British. It was almost too much for her, she could feel the glee building up in the pit of her stomach, like she was going to explode from the sheer awesomeness. She looked around to see if she could see her Brits waiting for her. Instantly she spotted Bytey on his phone.

Something clicked inside her, the awesomeness was just too much, she couldn't hold it in any more and even the beaming smile on her face could do nothing to relieve the mounting pressure. She'd never felt so blown away before.

She never would again.

0751 - Andy, Laura and Luke

"Jesus Christ we bloody made it." Andy exclaimed as they saw the entrance to the airport in the distance. "I hope Ash won't be too upset we were late."

Luke was about to answer when something caught his eye. A shaft of pure white light burst into the sky from somewhere in airport.

"Holy crap did you see that?!" He yelled but his scream was drowned out by a piercing sound.


The windscreen and windows shattered, showering them in glass fragments and Luke lost control of the car, running it into the back of another car and sending them flying into the air and the car flipped over the top. They screamed silently as they spun through the air, the earlier sound having rendered them deaf. The car landed on it's roof with a thud and Andy, bloody and nearly unconscious looked out of the broken window, suspended from his seatbelt.

The last thing he saw was a wall of white light ripping up the ground as it sped towards them. He gripped Laura's hand as tight as he could.


The End

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