One Person Can Make A Difference.

And what are rules, anyway? I'll tell you: Rules are man-made constructs. And of course, I am not merely speaking about the "Thou Shalt Nots" which adorn the walls of churches and primary schools. I am not speaking about the laminated posters which hang high above your head, the legal jargon perfectly designed to confuse anyone who dares attempt to read it. No, I speak of another form of rules altogether. The only reason that you do not stand up and fly away right now is because you have been told that you can't. You have been conditioned through years of propaganda to believe that it is impossible. We are as unique as we choose to be, and we have all chosen to conform.

All fiction is criminal. This we know. But what you don't know, what you refuse to face, is that everything you have seen from the moment of your birth has been an elaborate lie. Everything is fiction. There is no truth remaining in this world, except for me.

I am The Artist. And I am a shadow, flickering at the edge of your vision. I am the slight tingle on the back of your neck, telling you that something is very wrong. I am everywhere and yet I am nowhere. I am the Resistance, or at least I'm all that's left of it. 

I am not quite a person, and not quite something else. But if I can rebel without ever achieving existence - then imagine what someone who did exist could achieve. That is my aim. That is why I'm here. I have to prove that one person can make a difference. 

The End

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