The adventure begins

It only took me half an hour to get my stuff. And I took the underground towards Heathrow. Now I had time to think. Why did I assume they spoke the truth when they told me they were from the secret intelligence? I made a mental note to remember to ask for identification before I would board the plane. 

When I arrived two tall men wearing a suit and black shades came towards me. 

"Professor Stork?"


They flashed their badge and it seemed to be the real thing. 

"Please come with us" 

I followed them through an employees only door and after walking for about 15minutes I suddenly stepped into a hangar filled with jets. 

"Board this plane everything has been taken care off"

I stepped aboard the plane and I seemed to not be the only one who was contacted like me. I looked around the curious faces around me recognised a few of them and looked for a place to sit. 


I turned around to see who called me. When I saw her my heart jumped.

The End

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