Tormenting agents

I put the phone down. Grinning quietly to myself. How much I enjoy tormenting agents and now i am going to take it further. I walked towards the fence of agent Alisha's back garden, grinning at seeng her looking confused. Oh how much I could pay to record this. I looked around knowing that I must be unseen, for no clue's shall be shown, no clues shall be left. My motto, oh my lovely motto. 'To see none, may none be left, and none will know.' I stared at the agent, debating when to attack. Today will not be the time, but one day. Now i know where she lives. Now i know within minues i can take her down. I grinned even more, walking off silently into the woods.

I walked towards where my last vitem was, to where i had burnt down the house. I looked around, Agents were everywhere trying to find a bit of a clue, anything to try hunt me down. Silly agents, for what they dont know wont hurt them. I pulled my blades out from the sachette. My first blades, my only blades. I may have many guns but blades i prefer. I have always used these blades on my prey. On my kills. Only when i must, i use my guns. I looked around at the tree's. Maybe i could torment them more. I slashed my blades at the tree, engraving the name Alisha with an arrow pointint up. I slashed my blades ones more, engraving death into the tree. "There! Over there by the tree!" Straight away i began to move. I ran as fast as I could, knowing my ways around this forest, knowing i will always escape. They may never catch me. But soon, another day, agent Alisha will be dead on the morters table.

The End

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