A Gut Feeling

Alisha Sage was one of Agent Dane's team, she was meant to be one of the under bosses, if Teyla wasn't around. She always gets these "gut feelings" everyday, sometimes insignificant as one of the suspects is the murderer, but also there is another type of gut feeling she gets.. Sort of when you can't stay still, you feel like you have gotta do something or find someone, she was having one of them right now. She gripped the phone right by her bed and called everyone else, they were alright, but who could be in trouble? Then it hit her, Teyla. She dived up out of her chair and gripped her car keys and ran out the door, she thought where she could be, then she realised.. she was looking for the next witness.

She slammed her foot down on the accelerator and sped down the road to the next witness' house, as she approached she saw the smoke rising from the house, she gripped her phone and rang the fire brigade, they were out within minutes and put the fire out and had rescued the two people inside, one was Teyla and one was the latest witness, Anna Bethwick, she was dead, murdered.. Teyla was her usual self, denying that she wasn't okay and that she could still do her job. Alisha sat down as Teyla ordered an investigation on the fire, saying constantly that it was arson.

When everything had calmed down, they sat there talking. "Eh. I hate this job sometimes.." muttered Alisha slightly, "And I especially hate my gut feelings, even though they do come in handy." She crossed her arms and stared blankly at the ceiling. "Comes with the job Alisha.." Teyla told her as she lifted a coffee cup up to her lips and drank out of it.

Soon it came time to go home, the events of the previous night flashing through their minds, only Alisha was sleepless, she couldn't close her eyes for one second otherwise she would have seen what would have happened if she hadn't of had her gut feelings, sometimes she just wished she never had this job, that she could just live normally with a husband and two kids, she longed for a peaceful life, but she knew she would never get it.

Morning came around and Alisha was still awake. She was about to get a coffee when her phone rang, it was an unknown number.. she answered it. A crackled voice came from the other end, she was unable to tell if it was male or female. "Hello Agent Alisha Sage, did you have fun last night?" the voice rang musically. "How is poor Agent Teyla? And how is Anna? Is she all shaken up or is she dead?" The voice was mocking her, her brow furrowed as she replied. "Who is this?" She asked the voice with a steady note in her voice. "Why have you called this number? And how do you know about last night?" Then she heard the flat tone you get after someone hangs up, she shook her head and relaxed herself as she thought silently.

The End

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