Destroying my evidence

I knew that it was close. That special agent almost caught me. I knew that she was excited to get me then, i could smell it in the air. The smell of getting something they want. Well she wont be getting me. I knelt down by the side of the house. I had waited until she went back inside and i knew i had to do this now, before her team get here. I shoved a rag smothered in alcohol and petrol onto the window panel of Anna's bathroom. I took out my handy blade and picked up a rock. Slicing my blade along the rock until sparks lit the rag. I whispered under my breath. "Good bye special agent"

I sprinted into the back forest and into the night. She will not get me tonight, she will never catch me. Her time is up, she saw to much. I took a swift look at the flames taking over the house as if wild dogs are leaping for a piece of steak. I smiled slightly and laughed. I slowly made my way to where i next must go

The End

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