Taking one down

I needed to get to the witnesses before they tell. I never leave leave witnesses alive so this wont be left alive. I must take them down. I was already outside her house, i had been watching her all day. I knew i must strike soon, because the investigators will be coming soon to take some information. I looked around, my blade in my palm facing towards my shoulder. I walked up to the back door, tapping on it with my fingers. I would wait, act scared. I put on a sad face and ruffled up my hair. I wrapped my arms around eachother as if hugging myself. A light turned on, and the door opened. A lady with brown shoulder length straight hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders and tall legs stood infront of me. She was Anna Bethwick. My new victem.

"P...please miss... I... I...Im c.c.cold and l.l.lost" I pretended to shiver and looked at her as if i was a helpless person. She looked at me as if i was a puppy she's always wanted appeared infront of her. She smiled and put her hand out pointing inwards into her home. "Come in darling" I smiled and walked in, tucking the blade in my armpit. I turned around and looked at her. "Where are you from" I looked at her and dropped to the floor. I closed my eyes as if i was unconsious. I heard her scream and her feet running across her lino floor. I felt her on her knee's hovering over me asking if i was okay. I opened my eyes and swung out my hand, stabbing my blade straight into her left chest. I knew i had hit the spot. Her face dropped as i looked at her. A flush of whiteness covered her face. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I ripped out my blade and stood up. Time to dispose of this house, and her body.

The End

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