Witness One; Elaine Hartwood

Interview one;

Name: Elaine Hartwood

Age; 35


Elaine leaned forwards onto the table looking around uncomfortably at the bleak room, there was a blacked out window on the opposit side of the room, it was a neat rectangular shape, grey walls and grey carpet, she was alone. She heard no sounds coming from outside the room, only the slow and steady beating of her heart, you could hear a pin drop. There were no windows, if only for her watch, she wouldn't of known whether it was morning, afternoon, evening or night, she sat there for half an hour, contemplating her story, the agent finally walked in.

The agent placed a cup of fresh black coffee on the table and took a seat opposit Elaine. "Well, I suppose you know why you're here, you say you seen something?" Elaine looked at the agent blankly then suddenly it registered in her brain. "OH. Yes, I did see something. I saw a young female going into the woods, she went in alone with a backpack over her shoulder, she looked like she was wanting to get away." The agent nodded as Elaine carried on, "I saw no one else go in but I heard her scream, but it was only short lived, it went silent." Elaine finished her story, the agent looked slightly annoyed at the lack of information. After a moments silence, the agent asked, "Did you know who this girl was?" Elaine thought for a minute then shook her head. "No sorry, I have no clue, but I recognised her as one of the neighbours kid, she was a sweet child, she hung around the park a lot with a big group of friends, always happy." Elaine went silent for a second, looking down at the table, taking in a couple of breaths. "Alright then, we are done here." The agent said then walked out.

The End

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